brachial artery

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the main artery of the upper arm

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To measure the immediate effect of ANB exercises on vascular parameters of the left brachial artery in the study group before and after 30 min
Management of brachial artery pseudoaneurysms secondary to drug abuse.
Zock et al., "Impact of volunteer-related and methodology-related factors on the reproducibility of brachial artery flow-mediated vasodilation: analysis of 672 individual repeated measurements," Journal of Hypertension, vol.
The meta-analysis result showed that exercise training significantly improves vascular function as measured by FMD of the brachial artery. The studies were randomized controlled trials of control and noncontrol groups of Asian and Western adult populations.
In relation to the clinical examination of pseudohypertension, Osler's maneuver is to be performed for assessing the palpability of pulsation of the radial and/or brachial artery distal to a point of the suspected arterial pathology.
One patient because of symptoms of poor blood supply to the limbs and no pulse return after reduction underwent reconstruction caused by entrapment of the brachial artery in one day after the reposition of the fracture.
The brachial artery diameters and blood flow velocity profiles were analyzed using a semi-automated edge-detecting software (FMD Studio; Institute of Clinical Physiology, Italy).
For the wire to bypass the occlusion, a subintimal plane was created resulting in an area of dissection in the proximal brachial artery (Figure 2).
Both variant forearm arteries in the left upper limb arose from a typical brachial artery. As is usual, the brachial artery was at first medial to the humerus, and then gradually spiralled anterior to it, reaching the midpoint of the cubital fossa, lateral to the median nerve.
In the first of two related studies, an earlier age of onset for vasomotor symptoms (VMS) was linked with increased endothelial dysfunction as measured by brachial artery ultrasound.
The assessment of endothelial function can be performed using a noninvasive technique: the brachial artery "flow-mediated vasodilation" (FMd) [29].
Anatomically, the BrA is the radial artery (arteria radialis, RA), featuring a "high origin", which means that the RA originates not as a terminal branch of the brachial artery (arteria brachialis, BA) by bifurcation within the cubital fossa (fossa cubitalis), but more proximal, either from the BA anywhere along the course of the arm, or directly from the axillary artery (arteria axillaris, AA).
Ultrasonography determined post-workout tests on volumetric blood flow and blood vessel dilation in the brachial artery of the arm showed significantly elevated blood flow, along with statistically significant elevations in brachial (arm) dilation in as little as one week.
AbstractObjective: To assess how acute consumption of fructose affects flow-mediated dilatation in brachial artery. Methods: The randomised cross-over study was conducted at the University of Nottingham's Medical School, Nottingham, United Kingdom in July 2009.