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Synonyms for braces

an appliance that corrects dental irregularities

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M2 PRESSWIRE-August 14, 2019-: OTC Braces and Supports Market To Witness a Major Industry Participants and Growth opportunities 2025 | DJO Finance LLC, Ossur Hf, Breg, Inc., Bauerfeind AG
Summary: Washington DC [USA], June 15 (ANI): A recent study contradicts the belief that applying braces to turn crooked teeth into a beautiful smile will boost one's self-confidence.
Summary: The global orthopedic braces & support system market is expected to represent a value of over US$ 3,000 Mn by the end of 2022
If need be, you can always go back to the first couple braces and make adjustments.
Splints and braces are generally noncircumferential and are easily put on and taken off.
Nail braces were one of them, including plastic braces, steel wire, and copper-aluminum-manganese-based shape-memory alloys.
As a result, many riders have favored the use of knee braces in an attempt to reduce the incidence of knee ligament damage.
This fuels the interest of ACL injury prevention research to evaluate intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors and the effectiveness of prevention programs and external aids such as knee braces.
"With respect to stabilizing braces, ATF has concluded that attaching the brace to a handgun as a forearm brace does not 'make' a short-barreled firearm because ...
And shooters quickly discovered that using one of these braces in a manner not intended by the designer suddenly turned awkward AR-15 pistols into ersatz SBRs both in appearance and functionality (more on that at the end of this article).
by Dr Siju George Incognito hidden braces are a supreme combination of aesthetics and precision.
M2 PHARMA-November 22, 2016-Global OTC Orthopedic Braces Market to Reach USD 1.33bn by 2021, Research and Markets Predicts
Austral, Australia, August 20, 2016 --( Invisible Braces is a way to straighten teeth without braces.