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a Mexican laborer who worked in the United States on farms and railroads in order to ease labor shortages during World War II

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Oral histories of the Bracero Program--the migrant farm worker program that ran in the U.
The reconfigured flotation circuit at the Los Braceros Mill has been successfully commissioned.
Moreover, the study shows that braceros were not substantially replaced with domestic workers in the years immediately following exclusion; rather, the researchers find evidence that farm owners rapidly adopted new, labor-saving technologies.
For example, while the tomato picking business in California didn't miss the braceros and was able to adapt within a year by introducing mechanized harvesters for production, other crops such as asparagus and fresh strawberries that didn't have a technological solution couldn't cope and saw a decline in production.
Rylands, a British colonial officer stationed in Owerri, where the mostly Igbo braceros were from, says that he had 'heard all about the "evil" conditions of Nigerian labourers in Fernando Poo from those who [had] previously been' there.
Labor shortages during the First World War led to the first Bracero Program for Mexican guest workers between 1917 and 1921.
The two countries signed the Bracero Agreement in 1943, which began the importation of laborers or "braceros" from Mexico to work in the United States.
Meanwhile, real wages of braceros actually declined during this remarkable decade of growth: the nominal wage in lemons, the best paid of all local agricultural jobs, was 95 cents an hour in 1947, and just 97 cents an hour in 1959.
La Bravo habia modelado el fenomeno de los braceros creando un contrapunto orozquiano entre los lazos sentimentales de una pareja campesina y la cruda a inhumana explotacion de un miserable, apoyada en un rock and roll hiriente y brutal.
7 million short-term contracts for Mexican men, known as braceros (brazos is the word for arms in Spanish), had been issued.
Using the voices of scholars, activists, labor organizers, surviving Mexican braceros and their families, HOL indicts the growers who cheated on wages, offered prison style living conditions, denied benefits for disabling injuries or death.
Calderon dedico dos jornadas para iniciar los pagos de un total de 3 mil 800 millones de pesos a braceros de hace 70 anos.
Los ex braceros mexicanos que trabajaron en los campos y el ferrocarril de Estados Unidos entre 1942 y 1964-o sus familiares-, recibieron, por fin, una compensacion monetaria.
According to a report from the Committee on Aliens, Council on Fair Employment Practice, the braceros lived in drafty boxcars with no heat.
Mexico's government refused to allow braceros to be sent to Texas, due to the state's history of mistreatment of Mexicans.