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Synonyms for bracer

a medicine that restores or increases vigor

Synonyms for bracer

a protective covering for the wrist or arm that is used in archery and fencing and other sports

a tonic or restorative (especially a drink of liquor)


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Furthermore, burial data suggest the wearer of such ah object was likely to be a 'person of rank', the bracer being perhaps thus emblematic of his importance during his life.
We've come up with an electronic-type sanding head with multiple speeds so you can change the speeds of the bracer belt, be less aggressive and go down and sense the veneers and be able to take a small, minimal amount of material off without sanding through the veneer.
Lest ye were a lady, that is, for whom "tea was the standard eyeopener and bracer for an early-morning stroll.
Table 41: Popular Men's Fragrance Brands in the US: Historic Market Shares of Stetson, Old Spice, Gillette Series, Drakkar Noir, Jovan Musk for Men, Aspen, Preferred Stock, Mennen Skin Bracer, Davidoff Cool Water, and Other for 2001 (Based on value sales) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-15
A+E Networks' Mayra Bracer summed it up best, "The market for the independents has continued evolving as the studio schedule has been condensed in the last few years.
Lil Back Bracer, the only orthopedic support brace for Dachshunds suffering from IVDD and other back pain problems, joins DodgersList's IVDD Awareness Month to increase awareness of IVDD, a painful back problem which effects 1 in every 4 Dachshunds.
Three barbed-and-tanged arrowheads embedded in the body were undoubtedly the cause of death while a stone bracer on the wrist demonstrates that the man was himself an archer.
So, with the score at least tied (or I might even have been ahead--the can opener also had a convenience for sharpening shears), I was cavorting about the living room, shouting encouragement to the house plants, joking with the goldfish, occasionally splashing into their tank a bracer from the glass with which I was toasting my success.
This year at NATPE, A+E Networks is looking to establish itself "as a new port of call in the minds of drama buyers," according to Mayra Bracer, Latin America Television Distribution consultant.
Jorge Bracer, chief technology officer, with deep software development
The marine industry is ready to benefit from an online marketplace where both boating companies and boating consumers can participate in an open marketplace to reduce the time, cost, and hassle of purchasing marine equipment," said Jorge Bracer, CTO for boats.
Ingram (1867) was the first to favour the bracer interpretation, having noted one buried example in situ between the bones of the lower left arm.
Colgate shave cream, Mennen Skin Bracer aftershave, Afta skin
One merry and glassy-eyed male group was still in the restaurant section from lunchtime and more groups of men were arriving for an after-work bracer or three.
4 /PRNewswire/ -- The tremendous success of BBC branded programming blocks in Brazil and Argentina have spawned other blocks throughout Latin America and Mexico, it was announced today by Mayra Bracer Vega, director of television sales, Latin America, BBC Worldwide Americas.