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Synonyms for bracer

a medicine that restores or increases vigor

Synonyms for bracer

a protective covering for the wrist or arm that is used in archery and fencing and other sports

a tonic or restorative (especially a drink of liquor)


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In this section we describe in detail the BRACER protocol.
For those looking for a cocktail sporting a wee bit more heft, Portsche recommends the Chancellor, a specialty made with dry vermouth, ruby port, orange bitters and a bracer of Scotch.
Rolling out from the beginning of May, the new Typhoo collection comprises eight individual brews, including Cherry" Charger, Blackcurrant Bracer, Echinacea with Orange and Perky Pink Grapefruit, as well as two selection packs.
Tea is a welcome friend throughout the day, as a bracer in the morning or a calming restorative in the afternoon and evening.
Upon his arm he baar a gay bracer,/ And by his syde a swerd and a bokeler,/ And on that oother syde a gay daggere/ Harneised wel and sharp as point of spere; / A Cristopher on his brest of silver sheene.
It features such mouth-watering sounding combinations as Apple & Cinnamon Twist, Lemon & Lime Zest, and Strawberry & Vanilla Fool, plus Blackcurrant Bracer, Peach Paradise, Raspberry Rendezvous, Orange Spicer, and Blueberry Bliss.
A little Waterford vial of ammoniated smelling salts should be carried next to one's hanky, as a fashionable and unobtrusive bracer in the face of minor interrogation.
Patricia Hart Bracer, director of business affairs for film and TV distributor Wellspring Media, died Aug.
I needed no bracer, for I was very very hungry and I had `one good time.
If Weinberg provides a useful mapping of the argument and the issues, Hertzke provides an astringent characterization - I say "thanks, I needed that," to the slap of intellectual Skin Bracer.
We've come up with an electronic-type sanding head with multiple speeds so you can change the speeds of the bracer belt, be less aggressive and go down and sense the veneers and be able to take a small, minimal amount of material off without sanding through the veneer.
Lest ye were a lady, that is, for whom "tea was the standard eyeopener and bracer for an early-morning stroll.
Table 41: Popular Men's Fragrance Brands in the US: Historic Market Shares of Stetson, Old Spice, Gillette Series, Drakkar Noir, Jovan Musk for Men, Aspen, Preferred Stock, Mennen Skin Bracer, Davidoff Cool Water, and Other for 2001 (Based on value sales) (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-15