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Synonyms for braced

positioned so as to be ready for confrontation or danger

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held up by braces or buttresses


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After 14 hours of brace use, no differences in braced and non-braced groups were found, suggesting the need for an adaptation phase before engaging in full sport activity (24, 25).
Among proposed lateral loading system, eccentrically braced frame, though has little stiffness compared to the types of convergent braces, it has high strength, especially high energy absorption capability and tolerates stability hysteresis cycle under reciprocating loadings that achieving to this important issue is not possible regarding convergent braces due to buckling under the pressure.
Scrutinizing the obtained results and comparing the results to other experiments performed by other researchers show that X strap braced system is considered as a ductile system with a satisfactory shear strength; and as such the use of this kind of CFS structure can be preferable particularly in low to medium seismic regions [4-6].
Athletes were divided into a braced group, who wore a synthetic, fabric, lace-up ankle brace, and a control group with no brace.
Useful initial estimates of required axial knee brace capacities can be obtained by considering the bending moment capacities of the joists and posts in braced constructions as shown in Figure 1 and the withdrawal and shear capacities of the joist-to-post connections.
They even braced themselves for revelations about the nests they were feathering, with mixed results.
Braced and non-braced trials were conducted in supine position, with subject's hands at his sides, on a comfortable firm examining table.
Subjects: Twenty subjects (14 male and 6 female, mean age 26.5 [+ or -] 7 yrs; height 172.4 [+ or -] 13 cm; weight 78.6 [+ or -] 9 kg), separated into braced (B) and no brace (NB) groups.
The 42-year-old neighbourhood police officer, who lives with her daughters and husband, Steven, 45, a project engineer, needed little encouragement to get her own teeth braced up.
(4) A 2-year study comparing 30 braced with 30 nonbraced patients showed improved functional stability (P<.05) but increased thigh muscle atrophy (P<.0001) at 3-month follow-up in the braced group.
Walls aren't the only part of a house braced with triangles.
These, braced by a series of steel tendons, taper towards the apex of the roof.
The Engineered Wood Association (APA) has just released a new brochure, Narrow Walls That Work, which provides construction details for site-built, braced walls as narrow as sixteen inches.
Validate the proposed design procedure to the extent possible using laboratory test data on unbraced and braced webs.