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Synonyms for bra

an undergarment worn by women to support their breasts

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The under band is the most important area to get right, it's the foundation of best bra fit.
A STUDY by Debenhams found that the average woman keeps her bras for five years, with nearly a third saying they've never been for a proper fitting.
If you're big busted, there is a matching bra to this set that you can wear under the cami top.
'Ako naman din walang kakapitan 'yung bra,' she frankly stated, earning laughs from Abunda and Garcia.
2 HALTER-NECK DRESSES A 'MULTI-WAY' bra is best for halterneck dresses according to Debby: "With an Silicone nipple covers, PS6, Missguided (miss adjustable clip, it can be worn as a regular bra, halter-neck or racer back and comes with a low back converter, so it's good if the dress has a really low back as well as a halterneck."
Back then Uncle John said they used to play at Mogotel adding that he produced Bra Hugh's first album, Working for the Dollar Bill.
The most sophisticated ensemble can be ruined by peek-a-boo straps, or a too-tight brassiere that gives you (horrors!) "back cleavage," or non-skintone bras that show up underneath your clothes when the cameras flash (and you only realize it later when you see the photos splashed all over social media--noooo!).
Check your bra measurements at least every six months When should I throw old bras out in favour of new ones?
Dubai: A lawyer argued in court on Tuesday that it would have been impossible for his client to have left a lingerie store with a stolen bra put on her shoulder.
Grab a bra with a light lining for some smoothing and coverage-no need for an underwire (for now).
Traditional bras have straps running through these areas, meaning that women have to use a specialty bra or go bra-less in order to be fashionable while wearing certain kinds of tops.
The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and, with it, comes the arrival of the somewhat controversial holiday known as National No Bra Day. The Oct.
IT'S extraordinary that the first bra dates back to Ancient Greece but it's just 90 years since they first appeared on the high street.