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(computer science) the rate at which data is transferred (as by a modem)

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The BPS Technical Committee conducted its third meeting on Jan.
Kannan, of the New York State Department of Health, reported in 2012 that BPS was a common replacement for BPA in paper products, such as in the coating on receipts (SN Online: 6/20/12); if BPS was present, BPA usually wasn't.
The long end of the sovereign curve added another 2a4 bps during the day.
Pharmacists can become BPS board certified in six specialty areas: ambulatory care pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, nutrition support pharmacy, oncology pharmacy, psychiatric pharmacy and pharmacotherapy.
Portuguese CDS were up 40 bps at 773 bps, while Irish CDS were 33 bps higher at 745 bps, both at record highs.
Tunisian five-year CDS jumped 17 bps to 195 bps while those for Morocco traded 16 bps higher to 200 bps.
BPS has also included new capabilities supporting the design and reporting of key risk indicators (KRIs), giving enterprises "unprecedented visibility" into the relationship between risk and activity.
I apply the approach of reflective practice to BPS thought and work.
It is also by far the tightest 10-year funding spread for a long-dated issue for an Asian issuer with the 20 year USD issue pricing roughly 25 bps (over mid swaps) and 22.
Assistive Technology of Alaska BBS (800) 770-1399 (AK only), up to 2,400 bps (907) 277-1399 (out-of-state), up to 2,400 bps (800) 636-0138 (voice) (907) 563-0140 (voice) Forums on specific disabilities, education, assistive technology, legislation; files for downloading.
At $129, it boasts an internal modem offering standard 2,400 bps line speed.
Credit spreads have tightened over the last three months, with the five-year point tightening from 61 basis points (bps) to 55 bps, a decrease of -10%.
According to the notification 21 devolved employees were holding BPS-16, 15 were holding BPS-15, 21 were holding BPS-14, 30 employees were holding BPS-12, Eight employees were holding BPS-11, three were holding PBS-10, three employees were holding BPS 9, 11 were holding PBS-8, 26 were holding BPS-7, 59 were holding BPS-5 and 92 employees were holding PBS-4.
There are 113 posts through these four BPS grades in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) police.