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(computer science) the rate at which data is transferred (as by a modem)

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With the attainment of independence in 1966, the name changed to Botswana Police Force until the organisation was rebranded Botswana Police Service (BPS) in 1997.
Balancing these markets out, Elizabeth, New Jersey had the largest increase in tendered load volumes, finishing the week up 168 bps. Elizabeth was followed by Atlanta, Georgia (up 152 bps); Dallas, Texas (up 109 bps); and Houston, Texas (up 34 bps).
As for rural and cooperative banks, Diokno said they reduced the reserves ratio by a clean 100 bps, from five percent to four percent, and this will take effect also on May 31.
SBI's marginal rate cut of 5 bps comes after the Reserve Bank of India's (RBI) consecutive rate cut by 50 bps in the February and April monetary policy.
* Cincinnati's occupancy (95.8%) has surged 140 bps from February 2018 to February 2019.
For one-month tenure, MCLR will be 8.55 percent, 15 bps higher than earlier and 10 bps more than the corresponding rate at SBI, the report said.
With two output compartments and one reject compartment, the BPS C2 is outstandingly suited to fast, interruption- free and reliable accounting, and also offers many different sorting options.
In combination with Ametek Industrial Battery Chargers, Battery Power Systems will be giving away two (2) Ametek and BPS product packages to winners randomly selected from the BPS email subscription list.
The post SUSE signs BPS as MENA distributor appeared first on Reseller Middle East.
The potential human health hazards of BPS's estrogen-mimicking remain unknown.
Yield of Spain's notes grew 5 bps, Italy's - 10a13 bps.
Since BPA can interact with cell-membrane estrogen receptors, researchers explored whether structurally similar BPS might likewise influence nongenomic pathways.
WASHINGTON -- With increasing challenges in the delivery of health care coupled with the complexity of medication regimens, the demand for pharmacists who are certified by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) is growing exponentially, according to the organization.
The study is believed to be the first analysis of occurrence of bisphenol S (BPS) in thermal and recycled paper and paper currency.