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the pace of music measured by the number of beats occurring in 60 seconds

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The simple definition of BPM (let's agree to use that acronym) is that it's a methodology for understanding what an organization is, where it wants to go, how it will arrive there and, most importantly, how it can measure its progress along the way (see table, below).
By orchestrating people, information and processes, HandySoft delivers innovative enterprise BPM solutions that automate and simplify processes, enforce best practices, improve quality and productivity, and foster collaboration.
Morrissey will present "Unlocking Innovation: How BPM is the Key to Crushing Your Competition," Tuesday, Feb.
This is one of the most recognized and respected events in the industry and is the ideal venue to demonstrate the benefits that our award winning BPM technology can provide to businesses.
The company decided to deploy the Ultimus BPM Suite to reduce human errors, shorten the approval process, and guarantee strict execution of the approval system through the use of automated, optimized processes.
The summit encompasses three powerful days designed to equip participants with insights and information they can use immediately to strengthen BPM plans and initiatives.
Important stumbling blocks that prevent organizations from seeing an ROI with their BPM projects
Powered by Adaptive Discovery, the Ultimus BPM Suite is the only BPM suite that enables automated business processes to be deployed without completely defined process maps.
The BPM system also helps to better align the county's IT systems together under one framework.
Achieved an 86% win rate against the competition including both platform and "pure-play" BPM suites vendors.
BPM Partners, the leading independent authority on business performance management (BPM) solutions today revealed a sneak peek of its 2007 BPM Pulse Survey results, indicating nearly 70 percent of respondents have turned to business performance management as part of a larger project of corporate system consolidation or standardization.
Lombardi was recognized as the overwhelming winner by our online and print readers as the BPM market leader with well over 50 percent of the votes.
Comprehensive Financial Management Survey from Adaptive Planning and BPM Partners Identifies Over-reliance Upon Spreadsheets and Limited Support for Key Processes