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a measure of how densely information is packed on a storage medium

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Trillanes dared Duterte on Thursday to meet at BPI Julia Vargas to sign a waiver that would allow the disclosure of his bank accounts.
The six government bond indices are BPI Philippine Government Bond Index, BPI Philippine Government Bond 1-3 Year Index, BPI Philippine Government Bond Index 1-5 Year Index, BPI Philippine Government Bond 5+ Year Index, BPI Philippine Government Liquid Bond Index, BPI Philippine Government Money Market Index.
He added the move would also open more doors for BPI for future partnerships in and around the region.
Additionally, BPI has recovered core samples from three of five planned 2006 test wells strategically located to evaluate CBM potential on undeveloped acreage in its Northern and Western Illinois Basin leasehold.
Under Montinola's leadership, BPI acquired Prudential Bank (2005) and the local trust business of ING (2011).
7 times the book value of the BPI shares, and at a 9.
BPI has surrendered any interest it had in the lease;
BPI has agreed to make a lump-sum payment of $3 million to Colt and will be no longer obligated to make any future royalty payments to Colt or any of the other defendants.
CLEVELAND -- BPI Energy ("BPI") (AMEX:BPG), an independent energy company engaged in the exploration, development and commercial sale of coalbed methane (CBM) in the Illinois Basin, announced that the paper entitled "Case History: First Commercial Illinois Coalbed Methane Project Commences Via a Structured Resource Evaluation Plan," co-authored by G.
The IDRs, senior debt ratings and Support Rating of Banco BPI reflect a high probability of support from its ultimate parent, CaixaBank, S.
BPI said the partnership with LuLu Exchange would allow OFWs to transfer funds directly to a BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank account.
The statement noticeably refrained from making any reference to a technical glitch, which BPI had blamed for its decision to suspend online and ATM services for two days last week, inconveniencing customers.
The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) acknowledges its tie-ups and business partners who have remained committed in helping BPI bring the same brand of service to Filipinos living and working in Japan.
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has announced the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with IBM to outsource BPI s current IT infrastructure services to IBM, an experienced IT service provider with an excellent reputation for large scale systems integration and systems management within the banking industry.