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a measure of how densely information is packed on a storage medium

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Finally, BPI's decision to sue ABC News for defamation is itself a compelling act.
In the wake of the negative coverage, BPI shut down three of its four plants and laid off hundreds of workers.
Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) has the ability to transfer funds quickly and serve customers efficiently.
Dimayuga said, "This association with Doha Bank is a commitment of BPI towards providing cost effective services to Filipino nationals who live in Qatar, UAE and Kuwait.
Doha Bank's customers will be able to transfer money online from their Doha Bank account to accounts at any branch of BPI in The Philippines.
BPI describes Brioschi as the only all-natural antacid on the market.
Goldstein purchased BPI last year with two partners, Frank Joseph of Key Communications Group Inc., Bethesda, Maryland, and David Foster of Business Valuation Resources LLC, Portland, Oregon.
BPI, Boneless Lean Beef Trimmings are lean and flavorful ingredients that are essential to processing a range of lean, high-quality, and cost-effective products that millions of Americans consume every day.
Higher maternal scores on the K10 (indicating greater mental illness) were associated with increased child scores on the BPI scales (indicating greater behavioral and emotional problems).
Children were assessed using two scales: the Behavior Problem Index (BPI) Externalizing scale for problems such as impulsiveness, disobedience, and lying and the BPI Internalizing scale for problems such as depression, anxiety, and fearfulness.
This is the promise of BPI. Because these inefficiencies exist in almost every line of business, insurance companies are using BPI to tackle carrier agency processes, automate procedures related to claims and annuities, provide unified views of customer and more.
After reading the article "Leveraging BPI Applications to Drive Value" in the May 2002 issue of Financial Executive, I'd like to know: What are the current trends in business intelligence, and where is it heading?
The BPI has given easyInternetCafe until tomorrow to pay a pounds 100,000 fine for allowing customers to burn music on to CDs.
BPI said that talks with a third party over a possible recommended offer for the company had been terminated.