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Synonyms for bozo

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

an informal term for a youth or man


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Neil and John were about as close as any bozos got in those days.
The business--combining animation, licensing of the character and personal appearances--made millions, as Harmon trained more than 200 Bozos over the years to represent him in local markets.
After all, he writes, "copyright bozo zealotry" has already bred a new army of fair-use activists.
My first thought was, "Geeze, I guess they take one shot at seeing if some bozos will renew at $83 before beginning the regular renewal series.
The loser has to start begging for donations again, and kissing up to all those bozos in New Hampshire -- day after day, year after year.
In former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich's Locked in the Cabinet, self-interested bozos berate an intellectually honest cabinet member who is concerned about the growing gap between rich and poor.
But before I get to this, allow me to share with you a truly bizarre and revealing moment in the land of punditry, in case you were doing something constructive (like your laundry) instead of watching these bozos.
Were the guys and gals not cool enough for your clique dips, saps, chumps, bozos, dorks, or offies?
Don't these bozos understand that most of us only eat meat because we don't think too much about how it got to the table?
Harry: Bob, I'm just wondering here if any of those bozos on Wall Street are going to be calling me to ask if by "yet greater heights" our baseline is last year's $230 million loss.
Why would anyone want to watch a bunch of bozos who can't act in a series of uninteresting pretend situations made up by string-pulling television producers?
And, apart from the fact that the SS never set foot on these shores, didn't those bozos think a better Jubilee tribute might have been to dress as British officers not murderers who killed 6million Jews?
They're taking our jobs" racist bozos cry in defence of their vile actions.
If a Valley mayor ever pulled such a stunt, he would be recalled from office and would not just get moved to some other cushy position, as happens with the recycled bozos in L.