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Synonyms for bozo

a man who is a stupid incompetent fool

an informal term for a youth or man


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The Chicago version of Bozo, one of the longest-running children's shows ever, ran on WGN-TV in Chicago for 40 years and was seen in many other cities after cable television transformed WGN into a superstation.
Since all their friends are gay, Frank and Bozo feel that they too should be gay; but their attempts lead only to embarrassment.
It gives us even more hope that the action on changing the Election Law will yield the desired result and turn the state back to a more peaceful political life - says the statement issued by the Croatian Party of BiH, signed by the President of the Party, Bozo Skopljakovic.
In floppy size 83-AAA shoes and fluorescent orange hair, Bozo enchanted generations of Arkansas children between 1966 and 1991--live in KATV's Little Rock studios and by the thousands on TV each weekday afternoon--with cartoons, silly jokes and games like kick-the-balloon-in-the-barrel.
The Teofilio filly was a smashing individual and a very good walker," Bozo said.
We suggest the bank's bosses find the bozo who came up with this bright idea and cut his pay to a pound an hour.
We were planning to put it in a cannon and shoot off one of our clowns holding the warhead into a net, but one of our elephants got loose and ate Bozo,'' admitted North Korean leader Kim Nutjob Il.
Iva Masha Mati-Prodan Zeljka Anja Sovagovic-Despot Bozo Ivo Gregurevic Darko Boris Svrtan Nina Barbara Prpic Hoffman Karl Menrad
In your story "Party Crashers" [August 31] I find it typical that the purple Teletubby (Jerry Falwell) gets to kick off the Republican convention, which will renominate Bozo the Clown (George W.
When the great Bozo turns out to be the man to whom his mother has just rented a room, he begins a journey in which he finds that there are always more layers than there first appear to be.
And, if they ever did, USPS no longer delivers a postage-due brick if some bozo tapes your BRE to it.
All true, fellas and gals, but your ear still warns you, "Keep digging, bozo.
Effective as of June 7, it commenced a four week radio advertisement campaign on XM Radio on Dave Nemo & the Trucking Bozo, a popular trucking radio show, with over 750,000 listeners per week (according to the show's promotional material).
Managing the operation is a man perfectly bred for the job in 36 year-old Henri Bozo - his father Antoine developed the Moussac family's Haras du Mezeray for more than 30 years, his sister Anne-France is married to Dubai-based trainer Erwan Charpy, and brother Ghislain owns Meridian International bloodstock agency.
FROM CENTRAL ARKANSAS BABY Boomers to Gen-Xers, Gary Weir was famous for being Bozo the Clown.