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Synonyms for boylike

befitting or characteristic of a young boy

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like a boy


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Adopt the fashion mindset of a man, whether you want to do boylike lounging in oversized shirts, jeans and cardigans or Mr Sharp in tailored suiting and shiny brogues.
Then all of a sudden he is in the old churchyard--his old ghost friend greets him--he feels suddenly reverent in an honest boylike way....
These boylike pranks often helped to alleviate the tedium and monotony of assembly-line work, but occasionally they got out of hand and turned uncontrollably violent.
Perhaps all the thunder and lightning raking across the South Downs was just the big man upstairs making a point after all these years of hearing about the Godlike genius of Aidan O'Brien, and yesterday it was beyond even the boylike boss of Ballydoyle to overcome the sea of troubles that have rained down on his yard this week.
Even though her nature is different from a typical "little woman," a domestic motherly figure, these students like the way Jo is portrayed in the earlier part of the book as one who is "rude, unladylike," acting like a man, "the man of the family now that Papa is away." [7] These characteristics are also signified by her androgynous name, "Jo." Most female readers of different ages find in Jo's active, boylike actions something of their own lost girlhood.
They shower and stuff." She describes Jenny as being "kind of boylike, kind of dykey" with "a great figure".
Hirschmann and Munter compare this body type to a preadolescent girl or boy and explain that women who live in a culture where men hold the power long to be "boylike" because being thin symbolizes the ideal of masculinity and power.
Iphigenia's boylike costume ironically "fits" her decision to die like a male hero by the sword for "father and fatherland." After the death of Iphigenia, with similarly "masculine" decisiveness, Clytemnestra discards her feminine subservience and takes over the rule of Argos.