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being characteristic of a boy

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Casablancas retains a certain boyishness. He's unshaven, but his facial hair remains mostly tendrils.
As James Edward Austen-Leigh remarked, "the pictures of Charles Musgroves goodnatured boyishness and his wife's jealous selfishness would have been incomplete without these finishing strokes" (148).
This investment with royal authority makes Orlando into a vessel of the queen's power, which he doles out in Scotland and other locales, though only briefly and unreliably as his youth and "boyishness" lead him to other pursuits, namely of women.
I noticed how old I had become, but also the boyishness that persisted, as if part of me had stopped developing the moment we left Libya.
The main impression that they leave behind is of boyishness. They belong to a time when people had standards, though they happened to be foolish standards.
"He was one of the first to answer his country's call, and since he gave up his civil life for a military one, he always met every new difficulty with the same light-hearted merry boyishness that characterised him in our shops and made him such a favourite with his fellow employees."
If you feel like exhibiting the boyishness in you, this is the investment to make.
Ultimately, Knowles suggests boyishness can be seen as the characterisation of adult male protagonists suggesting a "cyclical relationship between childhood experience and adult behaviour" (209).
Maybe that's the target audience, your evil inner manchild that thrives on all things icky -- and Helms is also a manchild, supposedly grown-up Rusty Griswold from the original Vacation , though in fact that only highlights his boyishness. He's a classic sitcom dad, goofy and clueless, but the persona now includes sexual naivety -- his wife (Christina Applegate) turns out to be vastly more experienced than he is, not to mention the whole 'rim-job' business -- and insecurity about his own manliness, paired with a teenage son who's obviously a chip off the old ineffectual block (Gisondo's character is a variation on Will Poulter's in We're the Millers ).
His "Gee" and sleepiness suggest a winsome boyishness not present elsewhere in the story.
(1) Regarding Harlem Renaissance conventions, see Marlon Ross's discussion of masculine coming-of-age narratives, in which he notes that texts by Hughes, Johnson, Henderson, and Bontemps chart a trajectory from naive "rural boyishness" to "urban manhood, with its unsettling compensations" (2004, 330).
But he didn't always do himself justice; there was an excess of boyishness."
In his attempt, Faulks delivers a much rounded Bertie, while retaining his boyishness and ineptness.
"You know, it's not the most realistic of moments to walk into somebody's house and say, 'Hi, I'm the Forrest (Gump) guy, yeah that's me, and I will now be playing you in a film whether you like it or not'," says 57-year-old Hanks, whose features retain a sense of boyishness, though there's now a hint of silver around his temples.
Herbert, who sees Robin as completing his coming of age experience, observes that" Robin "transition[s] from deferential dependency and boyishness to self-sufficient manhood" and the "scene in which Robin confronts his ruined kinsman is managed by Hawthorne as an initiation into the emotional realities of self-made manhood.