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like a boy


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There are newcomers, like Brian Dempsey, 44 and boyishly clean-cut, almost preppy.
stacked river slabs boyishly, in jest, called it a game as you chanted
We were grinning boyishly as we smeared the round pastry with the coffee-flavoured cream and skidded the concoction against the cinnamon-ribbon dividing the plate.
"They felt like boys and wanted to wear male clothing and acted boyishly.
German-born Erhardt, a popular and boyishly handsome young man, was undertaking an internship at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.
Lustig sounds boyishly enthusiastic about Celtic but he'll be among their elder statesmen this weekend.
Van Horn stood stiffly in the center of the jam-packed room, boyishly hip in a gray blazer, expensive-looking jeans, and eyeglasses with flashy white stems.
"It was an incredibly profound moment," says the actor, who grew up in leafy Surrey and is instantly recognisable with his dark brown quiff rising up from a boyishly handsome face.
The four-piece group, led by the boyishly handsome Chris Martin (perhaps many in the crowd wondered, as I did, what his wife Gwyneth Paltrow was doing for New Year's Eve), came on just after 10pm and put in a solid set until just before midnight, perfectly timing what we thought was their last song to segue into a 20-second countdown to the New Year.
He's both resigned yet at times boyishly optimistic, and is in best form as psychology geek in observation mode, disguised as a doorman on duty.
" She is still too young to get married," he declares boyishly.
A community icon, Herm was 77 years old when I first met him, a big man with an unwrinkled, boyishly mischievous face that always seemed out of place on a body so worn down by time and hard work.
Jonathan Pierce's vocals are a mixture of Ian Curtis, Morrissey and The Cure's Robert Smith, drab one minute and then boyishly excited the next on songs like It Will All End in Tears and I Felt Stupid.
Exulting in his newfound fame, this boyishly handsome, unusually sweet-tempered "atheist with a soul" muses on his past and the people who paved the way for his success, including his pedantic, Kabbalah-quoting mentor, and a 6-year-old Hasidic math prodigy, but his soul-searching nearly causes him to forget to prepare for a dramatic public showdown with neoconservative Nobel laureate Professor Felix Fidley.
Still boyishly handsome, he does not remotely look his 60 years of age.