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Synonyms for boycott



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Synonyms for boycott

to exclude from normal social or professional activities

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Antonyms for boycott

a group's refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies

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As for FIFA, it ( suspended the membership of the Football Association of South Africa in 1961, followed by a decision, in 1968 by the United Nations General Assembly that called for boycotting all sports bodies in South Africa that practiced apartheid.
Israel Hayom quoted legal officials yesterday describing the blacklist as "a database of the boycotting organisations, which can be prosecuted under the new law."
In addition, one should also consider that the consumer's attitude towards boycotting is different from his intention to boycott.
Even though boycotting can be seen as a planned and collective anti-consumption action (Friedman 1985; Garrett 1987; Yuksel and Mryteza 2009), boycott behavior is an individual's private response to organizations and their offerings, thus an important dimension of consumer complaint behavior (Singh 1988).
Against Apartheid: The Case for Boycotting Israeli Universities.
From the study of an actual boycott (Bremmer--a European-based multinational corporation that sells consumer food products--boycott), Klein, Smith, and John (2003), found that boycotting leads to the loss of sales, has an adverse impact on the company brand image due to the fact that the "boycotters tried competitors' products, found they preferred them, and rejected the Bremmer brand as a result" (p.
RNM leading figure, Hassan Rizg, had earlier told Sudan Tribune that they agree with the NCF on boycotting elections, but added that the two sides have not coordinated on the latter's campaign to achieve that purpose.
Badr Almotawa, a business analyst, called for boycotting Israeli products and supporters in the US and Britain.
"By boycotting the elections, the political parties will show that they are discontent with the election atmosphere.
Secondly, Jews could be coerced into boycotting Israel too.
According to one analyst, the "nature and detail of these rules reflect the boycotting countries' tolerance for only the most minimal contacts with Israel." (5)
With every major church boycotting some Israeli goods and every trade union adopting BDS or every famous musician, scientist or writer joining the boycott against Israel, its brand becomes tarnished and it becomes more of a world pariah, just as South Africa was during apartheid.
taxpayers reported operations in countries on the list of known boycotting countries maintained by the U.S.
I hope Mr Mohammed will not mind delaying boycotting US and Chinese products, though, for two reasons.
Former President Mohammad Khatami has made clear that he thinks the reformist practice of boycotting elections is self-defeating and he doesn't want to see that repeated in the presidential elections next spring.