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Synonyms for boycott



Synonyms for boycott

to exclude from normal social or professional activities

Antonyms for boycott

a group's refusal to have commercial dealings with some organization in protest against its policies

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Specifically, in Brazil, feminists have developed boycott campaigns against sexist companies, as well as gay groups have already boycotted artists who position themselves against the LGBTs' cause.
But when I read that the school, where I am scheduled to give a paid speech next month, was being boycotted by one scholar because it expels Mormon students who leave the church, I had to wonder: Ought I do the same?
The third danger is that Jews themselves could be boycotted.
Consumers upset by the cost of food, boycotted cottage cheese -- an act that grew into the mass social protest in the summer of 2011.
restrictions on the importation of goods and services originating in the boycotted country into the boycotting countries.
The first boycotting group is those living abroad who argue that all elections must be boycotted, and the reformist movement must be boycotted, too.
As for Iran, even though I don't believe in boycotting, people believe it deserves to be boycotted until it learns its lesson - that the GCC alliance can't be destroyed by Tehran, Hizbollah or anyone.
It will enable settlers or other parties targeted by boycotts to sue anyone who calls for boycott, and the court may award compensation including punitive damages, even if no actual damage is caused to the boycotted parties," the statement says.
Knesset members of settlers and the extreme right proposed the law in response to what they called "anti-Israel actions," when Israeli artists and lecturers boycotted settlements and academic institutions in settlements in the West Bank.
No less successful was the worldwide boycott against the Apartheid regime in South Africa -- a boycott warmly welcomed by the South African liberation movement, though it also hurt the African workers employed by the boycotted white businesses (an argument now repeated by Israeli settlers, who exploit Palestinian laborers for starvation wages).
Their criticisms are similar towards BDI which also boycotted the Parliament when it was in the opposition.
Macedonian-language classes in the first grade were boycotted Wednesday in almost all schools from Lipkovo to Struga, which ethnic Albanians go to.