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an extremely talented young male person

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A young boy wonders what it would be like if the world were so very different than it is now--what if the sky looked and tasted like cotton candy?
But Reyes, one of Arsene Wenger's much-vaunted Boy Wonders, said: "We can win the European Cup - especially if we play like we did at Highbury for the first leg.
An old Hillhouse Central School boy wonders if anyone still has a copy of the recording the school choir made of songs that included All In The April Evening.
Bigger Brighter Better and The Boy Wonders were stand-out tracks and Rodders had to have his fingernail taped up after almost ripping it off.
John Robb and his band of brothers headline an evening of rock and roll salvation,full of big punk rock anthems,Scouse psychobilly from Blue Demon, No's angular tunes and kicked off by Liverpool's punk rock boy wonders Surge.