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resembling a box in rectangularity

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The Trojan van was a boxy slogger in the delivery league
Wear a loose-fitting, boxy cut cropped top over a tight or thin fabric top.
It may have been boxy but it was a very clever car with a drag co-effi-cient lower than a Porsche 911 of the same period and a great attention to detail.
No date was given for Mr Justice McCombe's ruling on the fight over the future of pedigree bull Hallmark Boxter, also known as Boxy, who faces being destroyed after testing positive for bovine TB.
9 million and the average household income is $90,088, the tall, boxy Element, with its cloth seats and washable vinyl floors, is the motorized equivalent of working class.
The model features a boxy, upright body with wide-opening doors and lightweight seats.
In the video for "Groove Me," by Riley's late '80s group Guy, he wears a boxy white suit while playing a keytar.
The beauty of the Materia is that it may be cartoon-style boxy in shape but it does not fit into any box in the marketplace.
Toyota said the car has a simple, boxy silhouette and features a roomy interior with a high beltline to create a feeling of being surrounded by comfort.
RENAULT has revealed a funky new Kangoo to replace the current practical but boxy vehicle next year.
And what's more sophisticated than '60s-inspired boxy jackets?
Just because an office printer is in, well, an office, doesn't mean it has to be putty-colored and boxy.
Uniformly boxy houses in a new development in Solano County face inward, walled off against the rolling hills above them and the disturbed terrain around them.
The last CR-V was designed to be the equivalent of a multi-purpose hiking shoe, and celebrated its simple, boxy shape.
Walking among Shinique Smith's boxy sculptures is like wandering through an abandoned city in which the presence of those who have vanished is still palpable.