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Synonyms for boxy

resembling a box in rectangularity

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The boxy, hard-lined design tweeted by Musk was downplayed when it was first released.
In the mid-sixties, culottes, go-go boots, boxy PVC dresses and other PVC clothes were popular.
There is plenty of personal storage space and room enough for four adults to get comfortable, five at a push, and while, at 351 litres, the boot is not huge it is practical and easy to use given the Renegade's boxy shape.
Stacy opened the carrier and gently lifted Boxy out.
e Trojan could hardly be called good looking, being a fair and square, boxy slogger in the delivery league and because of being a bit of a footsoldier is sometimes overlooked today.
The movie is about an ad exec, who feels honesty is the best policy and decides the slogan for a certain car he's marketing should be ...They're boxy but they're good".
I have never seen so many variations of sunglasses ever whether it's just the frames or the sunshades with tint or colour on the sides or all kinds of shapes and sizes and everything in trend like the catty shades or the normal round shapes or the boxy shapes.
One of the real pioneers of the genre was Alfa Romeo's boxy but fast Giulia of the 1960s.
"More like the wishy washy poxy boxy," y sneered his lordship.
The 14 megapixel all black camera is a little boxy in design and the back and top are plastic, but it does not look like a budget model and has a solid construction.
The performance has been available in some format or other almost continually, but this new incarnation is probably the cleanest sound in NBC's notoriously boxy acoustic that we can hope to hear.
The car isn't going to win much in the glamour stakes, its boxy, wheel-at-each-corner profile screaming practicality rather than good looks.
THE fate of Boxy the prize-winning bull hung in the balance as a courtroom battle to save him from a death sentence came to a close.
It has been mentioned that the Renault Duster in India would have that very SUV stance and would do away with the boxy styling of the Logan.
Could a cute robot made of cardboard and recycled bits along with his sidekicks Penny, Pig and Boxy make savings fun for kids?