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any of various shrubs or vines of the genus Lycium with showy flowers and bright berries

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Small shrubby tamarisks (Tamarix) and patches of boxthorn (Lycium, Solanaceae) are common on solonchaks.
Because losing them, Coonan says, would completely throw off the natural balance of these islands, considering the lizards take up so much of the habitat and feed on so many different things--from boxthorn fruit to ground-dwelling spiders.
and Boxthorn Lycium ferrosissimum, but, with the exception of Bower Spinach and Southern Sea-heath Frankenia pauciflora, none survived for long.
On a little slope lighted by twilight some boxthorn fruits were burning in olive green.
Located on a street corner in Yokohama's Chinatown, Yakumitsu Honpo Ltd., sells honey produced by bees from the nectar of herbs used in Chinese herbal medicine, such as boxthorn and astragalus root.