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resembling a box in rectangularity

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10) L'ecole est decrite comme <<a little separate boxlike place, with its own pleasures and concerns>> (177).
To sharply contrast the grey concrete of the Brutalist theater building, the London-based practice erected the adjoining Shed, a bright red, boxlike, windowless pop-up theater that will host performances for a 225-person audience through next March.
This spindle configuration in the shape of a twisted rectangle with boxlike poles appears to be the fundamental spindle type of marchantioids.
As these arrangements increase among absentee owners, and as local developers continue indiscriminately to build boxlike buildings for students, residential attractions of the South University Neighborhood erode further.
When a man does, after a walk so long that it takes 37 seconds of screen time (thus redefining this cold modern world's new temporal and spatial gulfs between people), he ushers Hulot into a glassed-off, boxlike waiting-room where a more confident, snappy, younger Hulot lookalike soon waits, too.
Celestron's new camera has a distinctive appearance, differing markedly from the boxlike or hockey-puck look of most other astronomical cameras.
Anyone using a laptop computer will be familiar with the boxlike object attached to the AC adaptor--that's a power electronics system.
I started making these pieces that were very boxlike.
And its carrying capacity (1,600 litres of luggage space) is considerably in excess of any of its more boxlike rivals such as the Golf or Focus too.
The lab sits in a modern boxlike building on MIT's campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
In Barrio Jauca 10, inside Colonia Destino, its land the former location of Hacienda Capo, people still lived in the tiny boxlike houses that composed a settlement called Verdun, no doubt built and named at the time of that terrible battle in the first World War.
Instead of the boxlike categories of thought, where A is not B, we have the deep insight that A is not A, and that's what makes it truly A.
That's where Sue Rose has her ground-floor unit, and she was happy to see heavy machinery loading sand into a boxlike sifter just outside her door.
There's been a surge in demand for these boxlike vehicles with flexible seating plans, the ability to carry oddly shaped objects, and light and spacious cabins.
Its 5' -flanking region contains the usual CCAAT and TATA boxlike structures and a number of potential binding sites for several inducible transcription factors including nuclear factor kappa B (NFkB), activator protein-1 (AP-1), and CAAT/enhancer-binding protein (C/EBP) (Luster 1998; Roebuck 1999; Wu et al.