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resembling a box in rectangularity

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15a-c) has boxlike poles with a slightly expanded equatorial region.
It is shown horizontally, with its boxlike chamber on the left and its spatula-bladed handle on the right.
Into the Institute's boxlike space, Libeskind has inserted a tilting planar contraption which has unexpected sculptural presence.
Most noticeably, the music of the able guitarists and singers tends less to traditional flamenco with its tonality of cathartic lament than to the flamenco-influenced, with lyrical passages, a modern type of dissonance, an unexpected cymbal and cascade of chimes, and heavy use of the boxlike cajon for percussion.
The actual immensity of the subject is in contrast with the blunt, boxlike formats of the pieces themselves.
A renovation so extensive sidewalk superintendents thought it was new construction, the new Swanke Hayden Connell design for 320 Park Avenue at 51st Street morphed a boxlike, nondescript office building into a showcase for its investment owner, Mutual of America.
Glass designer Alison Berger uses turn-of-the-century glass slides to create a light boxlike chandelier that is contemporary and captivates the viewer.
The crowned woman from which the fountain spills has dominated the picturesque square since 1865 but now she is hidden from view by a boxlike structure, covered in scaffolding, which has been built around her.
Normal outside, that is, but markedly special inside of an otherwise nondescript, boxlike building just south of the town of Devon.
Matthew Baigell has pointed out that this boxlike imagery, complete with body parts, probably refers to Jewish burial practices.
We are going along now at a fast clip and want to turn to the left," he exclaimed, "and then he pushes forward a lever and yanks the boxlike rudder into a new position.
They go to the hospital and borrow a small boxlike machine, which determines when a woman ovulates.
Among the prominent objects from her Maryland home now displayed in the Katherine Anne Porter Room at the University of Maryland's Hornbake Library are two large, boxlike items.
Her cache of miniature animals--from dinosaurs to donkeys--has even morphed into works of art: Soule shoots them against colorful backdrops and mounts them on boxlike frames.
The space used for the performance was Western Michigan University's Kanley Chapel, a rectangular boxlike 1950s structure with fixed pews, a center aisle, and raised chancel without an altar rail.