boxing ring

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a square ring where boxers fight

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I have not got much hair but I stand 6ft 1in so let's see how Hann gets on against me even though I've never been in a boxing ring in my life.
And his work in the boxing ring is nothing short of bravura.
I'm a lot less worried about him in the boxing ring than I'd be if he were on the streets.
LAS VEGAS - Fernando Vargas experienced something new here Saturday: Compassion for his opponent, an emotion that doesn't normally make it to the boxing ring.
HE no longer dominates the boxing ring but the mystique surrounding Mike Tyson undeniably remains.
They will be held in a boxing ring purchased in May, with money received through the Friends of Jackie Robinson Park, United Way and from a block grant from Supervisor Michael D.
It's not merely an issue of sex or age but, as former World Champ Ken Buchanan said last week, Terri should not be in a boxing ring, she should be out playing on the swings with her friends.
Photo: (1 -- 2) Lawyer Jacqui Frazier Lyde trains for a chance to follow her father, Joe Frazier, in the boxing ring and perhaps even fight Laila Ali, 3-0 in her professional career.
She should be out playing with her pals or at the disco, not in a boxing ring.
Additional equipment is needed, in particular a boxing ring, and club members are hoping donations can eventually provide such assets.
Muhammad Ali donated his old personal boxing ring to the Dowagiac (Mich.
In the co-main event, Lane found himself in the middle of another bizarre scene in the boxing ring.
Amir revealed earlier this month that he is heading back into the boxing ring.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Outdoor Boxing Ring And Allied Accessories