boxing glove

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boxing equipment consisting of big and padded coverings for the fists of the fighters

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It was an amazing season for finds, but the boxing gloves are extra special," said Patrician Birley, former director of the Vindolanda Trust and now working on conservation and research at the site.
A signed boxing glove key chain from Mary Kom (Image via Twitter)
TRICKY KY Kate helps blindfolded Fynley Gooch ice a cake and struggles with boxing glove
The winning bidder will also receive a signed boxing glove and the chance to take photographs.
QI HAVE a signed boxing glove of Muhammad Ali's - also signed "aka Cassius" - with a photo of him signing the glove in a case.
A BOXING glove signed by legendary fighters Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier has been stolen from a Hightown house.
The auction collected pounds 19,000 with prizes including a private box at Ascot and a boxing glove signed by Lennox Lewis and 16 other world champion boxers.
COCAINE worth up to PS15,000 was found stashed in a boxing glove by police who stopped a car on the A55.
Included in a sports raffle and auction was a signed boxing glove and pair of VIP ringside tickets to Derry Mathews' homecoming show next Saturday and an exclusive training day with former world champion Shea Neary, British champion Tony Dodson and the rest of the Shamrock's camp.
MANCHESTER CITY fan Ricky "Hitman" Hatton found himself on the ropes when a smartly-dressed middle-aged man asked him to sign a boxing glove "to Philip".
A BOXING glove signed by Mohammed Ali and Joe Frazier was stolen from a Merseyside house.
Items in the auction included a Leicester Tigers autographed shirt, an Aston Villa signed shirt and a boxing glove signed by five world heavyweight champions - which raised pounds 350 as a single item.
A Muhammad Ali boxing glove bought eight years ago and another signed by Joe Frazier are together now worth at least pounds 2000.
And xr03xxx is flogging a pair of boxing gloves signed by the man himself: "This is an Adidas boxing glove, signed by Joe Calzaghe last year in my street as his cousins live there.
I'd have brought her a boxing glove if it would have helped,'' coach Tom Gossard said.