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resembling a box in rectangularity

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The cabin is classy & the road handling is precise The redesign has smoothed out the car's boxiness
To disrupt the boxiness of the hall and replicate something of the portico on the other side, Kada has made the side and end walls openable with a long series of electrically driven swing doors.
Their insistent frontality, their four-square framing and stacking, their symmetry, their boxiness, and above all, their madeness became overwhelmingly important; so did the texture and individual character of each clay and wood component.
Without the boxiness of his previous work, Sean Scully's new paintings are certainly less physically overbearing.
The peninsula relieves the boxiness and de-emphasizes the length of the single big room.
It displays many of the design flourishes of the larger and more indulgent Mulsanne - Bentley's out-and-out limousine - with curves and flowing lines rather than the boxiness and straight lines which characterised the original.
The latest version isn't a bad-looking car, it has to be said, particularly in a segment that has boxiness as its basic blueprint in order to maximise practicality.
The latest version is easy on the eye and even brings an element of design flair to a segment that has boxiness as its start point.
Volvos were once renowned for their unapologetic boxiness but here's one that has super sultry, perhaps even potentially classic looks and curves in all the right places.
Banish boxiness by layering two blouses: Oh, hi, faux peplum
The Yeti sports the now familiar Skoda face, with a couple of added fog lights, and the smooth clean lines give it a bold presence - but easy on the eye rather than the overly muscular look of many SUVs or the boxiness of some MPVs.
Seven seats big, as it must be to satisfy a family market, but without the boxiness of others.
He says, ''We had to keep the boxiness," adding, "The doors and the roof shape--we couldn't touch that.
But as I've noted the boxiness before on other speakers, it may just be the recording.