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resembling a box in rectangularity

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The cabin is classy & the road handling is precise The redesign has smoothed out the car's boxiness
DO banish boxiness. A fitted cut with a built-in waistband breaks up your bod.
It is much sleeker and sportierlooking than the model it replaces, with some clever design touches doing a great job of disguising the inherent 'boxiness' of a motor with MPV leanings.
The previous champion of boxiness, the Scion xB, demonstrated thatAuas youth-oriented and Japan-chic as these square vehicles areAuolder consumers liked them too.
Plant the carton in your parents' fridge, give them some time to equate orange boxiness with supermellow funtimes and then pull the switcheroo.
In this case, that mission was accomplished with a four-sided design by architect Eric Zuziak of JZMK Partners that softens any sense of boxiness. An artful interplay of windows, balconies, a front porch, and a covered back loggia creates a transparent layering of indoor-outdoor realms, taking the focus away from the home's overall mass.
You also can characterize it in absences: no boxiness, no harshness; the system disappears sonically.
To free the house from its confining boxiness, he drew plans to demolish the core of the original building.
To disrupt the boxiness of the hall and replicate something of the portico on the other side, Kada has made the side and end walls openable with a long series of electrically driven swing doors.
Landscape architects also create ways to eliminate the redwood boxiness of the average portable hot tub, according to McKibben.
Their insistent frontality, their four-square framing and stacking, their symmetry, their boxiness, and above all, their madeness became overwhelmingly important; so did the texture and individual character of each clay and wood component.
Without the boxiness of his previous work, Sean Scully's new paintings are certainly less physically overbearing.
The peninsula relieves the boxiness and de-emphasizes the length of the single big room.
It displays many of the design flourishes of the larger and more indulgent Mulsanne - Bentley's out-and-out limousine - with curves and flowing lines rather than the boxiness and straight lines which characterised the original.