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Synonyms for boxful

the quantity contained in a box


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It's a scene all too familiar for a lot of Filipinos-loved ones who are working abroad send a boxful of gifts and goodies to make their presence felt on Christmas as they celebrate the season away from their families.
Collect your bottles and jars during the week or month and store separately until you have a bag or boxful.
By now it is a government clearly overwhelmed by the complexity of it all - the boxful of conundrums that it faces - and the knowledge that it lacks any political force or authority sharp enough - if I may change the metaphor - to slice through this daunting row of Gordian knots.
But if you are like us, with a long history through the generations of no one having any instinct for what will grow in value in time to come, then you probably just have a boxful of treasures that are valuable only for you and the immediate family.
I currently have a boxful of J-frames and several Colt Detective Specials.
Nicola Sturgeon will pledge to give a boxful of baby essentials to every new mum as she fights to close Scotland's yawning attainment gap.
Morgan & WEST'S UTTERLY SPIFFING SPECTACULAR MAGIC SHOW Time travelling Victorian magic duo Morgan & West unload another boxful of bafflement and impossibility at the mac at 2.30pm on Sunday.
Vatican City -- A boxful of Philippine mangoes and a Filipino-made Bone China tea set will be President Aquino's precious "pasalubong" or gifts to Pope Francis on Friday.
But her emphasis is on the keen analytical mind that served him as both collector and businessman, the parsimonious nature that saw him through lean years--and almost cost him his greatest treasure--and the self-effacing instincts that let him scoop up rare books by the boxful when a collector with more ego might have made market prices spike." TREY GRAHAM
But she never again touched the chocolate marshmallow cookies she called her ultimate weakness, the treat she'd stash in the hamper and eat by the boxful in the middle of the night, all the while praying she'd choke on her next bite.
A good investigative mystery read is like a jigsaw puzzle: at first there's a boxful of disparate pieces that appear to bear no relationship to one other; but as the game progresses, each piece becomes entwined with another to create a bigger picture.
One of the entrepreneurs that perceive the future as a boxful of opportunities, even in today's depressing circumstances, is interKNOWLEDGE -- a human-resource improvement solutions provider -- director Kyriacos Iacovides.