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any of numerous small tropical fishes having body and head encased in bony plates

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Boxfishes, sometimes called trunkfishes, constitute a family of bony fish characterized by having a body encased in a bony carapace (Smith 1986; Nelson 2006).
Fish pots targeted spiny lobsters, grunts, boxfishes, queen triggerfishes, and parrotfishes, whereas lobster traps landed mainly spiny lobsters.
Gillnets are used to catch bar jacks, porgies, ballyhoos, grunts, parrotfishes, and various snappers, whereas trammel nets catch spiny lobsters, grunts, parrotfishes, and boxfishes.
Klassen G (1994) Phylogeny of Haliotrema species (Monogenea: Ancyrocephaldae) from boxfishes (Tetraodontiformes: Ostracndae): Are Haliotrema species from boxiishes monophyletic?