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any of numerous small tropical fishes having body and head encased in bony plates

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boxfishes (Ostraciidae), crocodiles, trionichid turtles, emydid-like turtles, sea turtles, palaeopheid snakes, and a moderately large brontotherid, all suggest that warm climatic conditions persisted year round.
1984) Fishing Area Family Atlantic Ocean Hemiramphidae Hemiramphidae Belonidae Excoetidae Balistidae Carangidae Clupeidae Hemiramphidae Kyphosidae Labridae Florida Bay Hemiramphidae Hemiramphidae Belonidae Clupeidae Sparidae Belonidae Hemiramphidae Carangidae Gerreidae Haemulidae Ostraciidae Sphyraenidae Tetradontidae Fishing area Common name Atlantic Ocean Ballyhoo Balao Needlefishes Flyingfishes Leatherjackets Jacks Herrings Smallwing flyingfish Sea chubs Wrasses Florida Bay Ballyhoo Silverstripe halfbreak Herrings Porgies Needlefishes Hardhead halfbreak Jacks Mojarras Grunts Boxfishes Barracudas Puffers Fishing area Frequency n Percentage Atlantic Ocean 185 15,280 70.
Unidentifed filefish Ostraciidae, Boxfishes 158 Lactophrys spp.