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underpants worn by men

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For instance, the name given to the runner or boxer, who is so called in virtue of an inborn capacity, is not derived from that of any quality; for lob those capacities have no name assigned to them.
This instrument happening to be the baby, great commotion and alarm ensued, which the sagacity of Boxer rather tended to increase; for, that good dog, more thoughtful than its master, had, it seemed, been watching the old gentleman in his sleep, lest he should walk off with a few young poplar trees that were tied up behind the cart; and he still attended on him very closely, worrying his gaiters in fact, and making dead sets at the buttons.
Making no more of Boxer than if he had been a house lamb!
I had better go, by the bye.--You couldn't have the goodness to let me pinch Boxer's tail, Mum, for half a moment, could you?'
It happened opportunely, that Boxer, without receiving the proposed stimulus, began to bark with great zeal.
Alcinous's son Laodamas was the best boxer, and he it was who presently said, when they had all been diverted with the games, "Let us ask the stranger whether he excels in any of these sports; he seems very powerfully built; his thighs, calves, hands, and neck are of prodigious strength, nor is he at all old, but he has suffered much lately, and there is nothing like the sea for making havoc with a man, no matter how strong he is."
"I didn't mean either of the boxers," said the little priest.
During the Boxer Rebellion in China, for instance, there were Americans in Peking who would gladly have given half of their fortune for the use of a pair of wires to New York.
One of the men desisted and turned towards him, and my brother, realising from his an- tagonist's face that a fight was unavoidable, and being an expert boxer, went into him forthwith and sent him down against the wheel of the chaise.
There, the sight of General Epanchin among the guests, caused many of them to beat a hasty retreat into the adjoining room, the "boxer" and "beggar" being among the first to go.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 26, 2019-: Crypto Boxers, the First Block Chain Backed Fantasy Video Game, Enters the Ring in October with Game Launch!
Namibian amateur boxers registered mixed results on the opening day of the boxing championships at the Al Amal Indoor Sports Centre in Rabat, Morocco.
The 13 year-oldWallace High School pupil (pictured above) won the featherweight title at 54 kg, overcoming boxers from Poland, Georgia and England before finally beating Armenian opposition to land the Championship.
Kenya is set to send a full squad of 10 boxers to the International Boxing Association (AIBA) Women World championships slated for October 2 to 14 in Ulan Ude city in Russia.
The AIBA 3 Star coach said many boxers in the 26-man squad need basic support prior to venturing into the intricate facet of the game.