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a freight car with roof and sliding doors in the sides

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A statement from Boxcar read: "Muhammad Ali has vastly improved since being admitted to the hospital over the weekend with a mild case of pneumonia.
By the time the contents of the Friendship Train were put aboard a huge ship bound for France, there were about 300 boxcars full of supplies.
TransCold Express will operate on BNSF Railway, with cargo being transferred from truck to boxcar through a new refrigerated building operated by National Logistics and Cold Storage (NLCS).
Depending on the circumstances, a shipper could save between 5 and 15 percent by using the boxcar service versus trucking.
The walls were thick: cool in the summer and warm in winter,'' Lillian Haggard Rea, the musician's 93-year-old sister, recalled of the boxcar that their father, James Haggard, a carpenter with the Santa Fe-Southern Pacific Corp.
I beckoned him out of the boxcar and he stepped down.
Participants were given the choice to either do nothing or pull the joystick that would reroute the boxcar to the tracks occupied by the single hiker.
The BoxCar catalytic de-oxygenation process is made from renewable products such as plant and animal triglycerides and/or fatty acids.
There used to be a time when a good few people--primarily men--thought that travelling in a boxcar was romantic, expedient, and freeing.
So, temporarily, the Godins have to make do with living in a railway boxcar with three other families.
in 1909 only to find that his family must live in a railway boxcar with three other families.
Michener (who famously said, "I think young people ought to seek that experience that is going to knock them off center") hitchhiked and traveled across the United States by boxcar, worked in carnival shows and, before the age of twenty, had visited all but three states in the Union.
BOXCAR Brian, inset, from Co Down is enjoying considerable success around the country with the release of The Master and Humble Guitar Man.
Despite everything, Felix remains optimistic and kind, even as he is packed into a boxcar with other unfortunates en route to a concentration camp.
BOXCAR ROCKY made full use of his backdoor entry into the semi-finals of the Greenpark Lodge Grand Prix at Harold's Cross on Friday night when posting the fastest time, writes Ian Fortune.