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resembling a box in rectangularity

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e box-shaped building houses a gigantic vertical helix assembly machine (VHAM) and extrusion line, enabling the production of extremely long-length umbilicals, of considerable diameter, while incorporating large numbers of components to meet the industry's worldwide requirements for the foreseeable future.
The tank has a distinctive box-shaped, steel-welded turret of local design.
With the box-shaped percussion instrument on the ready, a large crowd of cajon aficionados slapped their hands in unison against the drum box declared a National Patrimony back in 2001 by Peru's National Institute of Culture.
Iran's Zolfaqar tank has a distinctive box-shaped, steel-welded turret and is operated by a crew of three.
* Box-shaped female .contacts that work as a mating guide for male contacts.
Fendi sent down interesting box-shaped bags with a tiny top handle which left most of us wondering what it actually is, while Christopher Kane brought goth back to the runway and fashioned a series of square-shaped, printed clutches which fashionistas everywhere are already raving about.
In white chalk, on concrete walls, a box-shaped Humvee; two antennae rising like balloons from the hatch; a stick-soldier holding a machine gun; he waves at us, us, in the Humvees.
Not only is it sensibly box-shaped inside, Volvo dealers can supply you with a big range of accessories or storage solutions.
The model will be based on its box-shaped Ray model launched in late November, for domestic sale only.
The new box-shaped jaws have been designed to significantly streamline the demolition process by cutting the material on three sides simultaneously.
The reports mention that the box-shaped crossover has a high ceiling for a more spacious interior and rear seats that swivel 360 degrees.
But instead of entering the planet's gravitational pull the golden box-shaped probe shot past it, according to the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
The world-class strong ladder-type frame with box-shaped cross sections ensures the chassis rigidity.
A small box-shaped sensor can measure cardiac output, heart rate, respirations and life score from outside a victim's clothing.
Award-winning Australian architects Denton Corker Marshall's sculptured shape faced in aluminium panels with "glazed box-shaped projections" was described by committee chairman Coun Peter Douglas Osborn (Con Weoley) as being of the highest possible quality.