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a coiled bedspring in a frame that is covered with cloth

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Mattress and box spring choices traverse the whole range of solidness, rise, and plan.
Unable to find Camo at the mattress buyer's home, Dufek took to social media for help tracking down the 5-year-old cat that likely scurried out of the box spring when the buyer, who lives near the airport, took it off the car roof.
He strapped the box spring on top of the car for the transport so the cat could have jumped out on the journey at any moment.
Remove the fabric covering (the most tedious part of this whole process is removing the staples) and place the box spring face down.
The queen-sized box spring and mattress encasement is less than $65, including shipping, Cowart says, a relatively cheap alternative to throwing out an infested mattress.
To "go where the mattresses are," says Chance Fitzpatrick of the group.) The facility has been processing upwards of 300 mattresses and box springs per week ever since.
Another defensive method provided by Kaled is to provide its tenants with mattress and box spring encasements.
is promoting its flame-resistant two-piece FireDefender mattress pad and box spring cover with a free point-of-sale program for retailers during October, which is National Fire Prevention Month.
Once assembled, the handle slips between the mattress and box spring and secures to the bed frame with an included nylon strap.
After she died, her family found paper still in her typewriter as well as stacks of poems and songs beside her typewriter, hidden in drawers and stuffed between the mattress and box spring. Her daughter Frances once asked how she managed to write so much.
Officer Sesoko, with the help of a nearby resident, threw in a discarded box spring for the boy to hold onto, but it sank into the murky water.
Manufactured exclusively for Carnival Cruise Lines, the "Carnival Comfort Bed" sleep system includes a comfortable eight-inch spring mattress and box spring, a duvet made from 100 percent hypoallergenic down, and high-quality cotton-blend satin-strip sheets and pillowcases.
Whether you need a $10,000-plus mattress and box spring from Prana or Minotti Italian modern furnishings from Minimalista, this place is for you.
* Encase quilts, pillows, mattress and box spring in allergen covers.