box seat

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a special seat in a theater or grandstand box

the driver's seat on a coach

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"Up until the third ball, we were right in the box seat. And then it wasn't to be, but that's just the way cricket goes, as players.
"They remain in the box seat but it is up to us to put pressure on them tomorrow.
PS18, GREAT LITTLE TRADING COMPANY TOY BOX SEAT Pictured left: This sturdy white MDF toy box doubles as a seat, and has a safety hinge on the lid for easy opening.
e box seat and, day People ds they d with ayer an (right) looks likely to be the subject of a summer tug-of-war.
Despite his comments, however, Wood says Gatland is 'in the box seat' to do the Lions job again in New Zealand.
But Everton are now in the box seat. The sticking point is the wages demanded by Eto'o in what is athe offer of a oneyear deal.
"England are in the box seat because of the way results have gone," said Jones.
Summary: Neil Lennon admits Rangers are now in the box seat in the title race following Celtic's shock 3-2 defeat at Inverness.
Forlan struck the only goal of Thursday night's semi-final opener at the Estadio Vicente Calderon to put Atletico in the box seat ahead of next week's return leg at Anfield.
Notoriously antigay Republican strategist Claude Allen shared a coveted box seat as a guest of the first lady during President George W.
And of course the Directors' Box seat where you will sit with the rest of football's elite as they congregate to watch a game from the world's best footballing division.
'30 Years On and Off The Box Seat' explains how the prince's interest in carriage driving grew after he was asked, as president of the International Equestrian Federation, to help compile rules for the sport.
The best way to understand my point is to compare how a professional baseball game looks on a television screen, from a two-dimensional perspective that mostly shows a pitcher versus a batter, and then from the three-dimensional view of a box seat, where you can also see the coaches giving their signs, the fielders positioning themselves and the base runners taking their leads.
Moores' side were in the box seat to set up a result on the final day.