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the number of a letter box at the post office where mail is collected

a mailing address to which answers to a newspaper ad can be sent

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The unique facility allows people to use a common PO Box number for receiving mail and collecting it at the postal counters for a nominal fee.
applications 6 Estimates for the repair box number 6 Date and time of placing the notice (local time, an organization engaged in publishing) 19.
Retailer Box Number ___________________ To the Wholesaler: Please pass a miscellaneous credit of 25p plus a 1p handling fee to the newsagent detailed above.
Since delivery to home addresses does not work properly in case of apartments, many people have no choice but to use their company's PO box number for receiving correspondence.
If Schwarzenegger can open a crack to contracting out in California, Box Number Two blown up.
This is an arrangement with a financial institution where checks are sent to a box number, deposited the same day and documentation is forwarded to the practice for payment posting on accounts.
In the mailshot, which also gives a box number, club manager Graham Davies claims members will be reimbursed if the two pounds 50 bets they place lose.
Postal Service rule, Pink will be forced to use the phrase PMB, rather than "Box," "Suite," or "#," before his box number on all correspondence starting in April 2000.
Boxes and containers: Box number, bar code number, date range, contents title, and shelf space location
They use a London Post Office box number but have no UK offices.
After listening to the main greeting, the customer is prompted to select the box number for the next section of information.
Retailer Box Number ___________________ FREE copy of the Valid Wednesday April 13, 2016 ONLY To the Customer: This voucher can be used as payment for The New Day newspaper.
Each unique unit number identifies a command while the box number identifies the individual Sailor.
I was supposed to receive a greeting card sent to a PO box number, which arrived after two months and 10 days when I had almost forgotten about it.
Providing the post box number in the application form is mandatory.