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a kite shaped like a box open at both ends

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Meanwhile, Washington hosted the 21st International Kite Festival, which saw long-tailed dragon kites, stunt kites and box kites lighting up the sky.
Long-tailed dragon kites, stunt kites and box kites were flown by experts from as far away as Japan, USA, India and Ghana.
There are instructions for making a wide range of kites: Vietnamese Kites; Snake Kites; Sled Kites; Square Kites; Box Kites; Flow Form Kites; and many others.
Every declaration of love I had for my father, the retired Air Force colonel who loved his family fiercely, who built us box kites, and who laughed heartily and believed success was defined by happiness.
For novelty lovers, box kites (pounds 12.99) may be appealing, although it's not so easy to keep them airborne.