box girder

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a beam built up from boards


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The continuous concrete box girder superstructure was chosen for the full length of the bridge.
The deck, which is made from an independent torsionally stiffened hollow box girder beam, was lifted on site from the Salford side in three main sections.
The structures are post-tensioned concrete box girders spanning the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system.
Construction of the elevated roadway will include a concrete box girder with cast concrete columns.
Recently, the agency enticed leaders from Eugene, Springfield and Lane County with a slide show of different types of possible bridges for the site, including box girder, arch and suspension bridges.
The first example is a 74-meter (m), reinforced concrete box girder, two-span overcrossing with spread footing foundations.
Analysis and design of post-tensioned and cast-in-place reinforced concrete box girder and slab bridges constructed on falsework
Two 9-span, steel box girder superstructures with a steel deck will be used to reduce dead weight.
More than 50 bridge structures in the project include eight curved steel box girder bridges on high-level interchange ramps.