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a beam built up from boards


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For an example, the number of elements is found to be 25220, 98188 and 1474170 for the box girder bridge model when the element sizes are taken as 400, 200 and 50 mm, respectively.
Researches in [17-20] had shown that interaction mechanism of internal blast is more complex, and the destructive effect is more strongly than free air explosion, so the study of internal explosion of steel box girder is necessary and imperative.
[6] researched distribution of PPV from bottom of pier to top of box girder in Xiamen-Zhangzhou sea-crossing bridge project.
For concrete box-girder bridges, in order to attain long-term data credibly in order to reduce the influence of the external environment on data and to improve the service life of sensors, the monitoring system including used sensors is usually arranged on interior of the box girder. Therefore, for long-term measured responses, for example, strain monitoring data can be expressed as
Selected Bridge Description: A cast*in*place three span continuous box girder bridge was selected having a total length of 150 m.
the bridge girder span length ranges from 20 to 60 m for both I and box girder. the moving load analysis is done to receive shear, torsion and bending moments for worst condition.
Currently the static response of curved thin-walled box girder has been studied thoroughly.
An example is presented to demonstrate the application of the proposed method for the repair and maintenance schedule of steel box girder bridges, as it is recognized that a corroded steel box girder cannot be guaranteed safe when reliability approaches are used.
Designs for the bridge mean that a segmental construction technique will be necessary, with a 1,400m segmental twin box girder bridge on the Deira side of the project.
By inserting several fields inside the box girder multicellular forms are created which are characterized by high specific bearing capacity and rational design.
Up to now, the span of bridge exceeds 1900 m, and the depth and the width of the box girder are more than 13 m and 35 m, respectively [5-7].
The box girder with a closed cross-section, which has better global behaviour, larger torsion stiffness and an effective top and bottom concrete flange in compression, is widely used in large bridge structures.
It is a pre-stressed post-tensioned balanced cantilever box girder bridge with a total length of 1116 feet.
The new spans over the Little Miami River National and State Scenic River will be a concrete box girder structure anchored on concrete piers in the river valley, said Sharon Smigielski The bridge's design now is similar to the bridge in Minnesota that collapsed in 2007.
This paper presents the findings of two field investigations, one on a steel box girder and the other on a steel-reinforced concrete bridge--both tests had extensive laboratory support.