box girder

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a beam built up from boards


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Precast segmental box girder construction has been used successfully to minimize on-site construction time, speed erection, and eliminate interference with traffic.
These shafts have a hollow rectangular cross section flaring transversely at the top to match the width of the bottom of the box girder.
3 shows flexural shear flow, free torsional shear flow and restraining torsional shear flow of a box girder with single-box and single-cell (Du 1994; Guo, Fang 2008; Xiang 2001).
The deck, which is made from an independent torsionally stiffened hollow box girder beam, was lifted on site from the Salford side in three main sections.
box girder bridge over Pung Khad on Khiah Thalakna to Bhatera via Bhamot road at RD.
Amin joined Baker in 1969 and has since been involved with managing several offices, as well as managing the design of complex structures such as cable-stayed, post-tension box girder and suspension bridges.
The interchange will consist of five box girder bridges, one of which will be 2,600-feet long and one 1,200-feet in length.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Stacking Of Different Size (As Per Boq/Tender Document) For Construction Of 45 Mtr Span Major Permanent Psc Box Girder Phorang Bridge With Approach Works At Km 153.
Tenders are invited for Supply of one set ms tubular staging and ms shuttering plates with acessories for 40 00 to 55 00 mtr avg 47 70 mtr span psc box girder bridge superstructure with over all width 12 m and average height of staging 6 mtr for 40 00 mtr makri pani 55 00 m
Tenders are invited for Construction of Formation cutting, R/walls cross drainage walls, Parapets toad side drain and MAarnng i;c C/O 50 mtr span RCC per-stressed box girder bridge at RD 0/285) Under C/0 Road Kuru to Ghatlour via Gahallian Km 0/0 to 2/550 i/c Bridge over Naker Khad Document cost : INR 5000 EMD value : INR 210600 Document Purchase Start date : 30 Oct 2017 Document Purchase End date : 20 Nov 2017 Opening date : 21 Nov 2017
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Strip Seal Expansion Joint For Psc Box Girder Bridge Super Structure For Construction Of Major Permanent Bridge 45 00 M Span Attu Bridge At Km 22 00 40 00 M Span Doya Bridge At Km 31 10 And 4000 M Span Chan Bridge At Km 15925 On Etalin Mali