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a simple camera shaped like a rectangular box

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Sony's range of mini-dome and box cameras are equipped with 'Light Funnel Function' and ExWavePRO for high sensitivity and are also capable of 'Intelligent Motion Detection'.
Box cameras feature an adjustable back focus that accepts standard CD- and C-mount lenses as well as standard top or bottom mount.
In its heyday, before it had become known for Berketex sweaters, it was a vital part of the city's shopping experience, a favourite with housewives who had been buying their prams, box cameras and tea sets from its catalogue for many years.
When revolution crumbled the dictatorial reign of Mexican President Porfirio Diaz in 1910, the country's pioneer photographers had their box cameras, bulb releases, and glass plates ready.
LOS ANGELES -- Arecont Vision, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, has expanded its Compact MegaVideo([R]) line of box cameras from 10 models to 15, including a new 1.
I therefore sought out negatives from the family, which as family snapshots are, consisted mostly of family portraits taken on box cameras.
Psst, how are you getting on over there, hurry up, children with box cameras approaching from an east-erly direction.
The box cameras come in Day/Night versions (VCC-HD2500 and VCC-HD2300) and color version (VCC-HD2100).
The DCS-3710/3112 box cameras offer greater lens flexibility, high resolution and flexible connectivity, making them excellent megapixel cameras for businesses looking to upgrade their current surveillance solutions.
The new orders focus on upgrading and integrating advanced surveillance capabilities including license plate capture with a full interior and exterior surveillance program utilizing a broad range of our Samsung surveillance technology including anti-vandal vari-focal outdoor dome cameras, outdoor zoom box cameras, anti-vandal zoom indoor dome cameras as well as high resolution seventeen and nineteen inch LCD flat panel monitors.
Over the years, Roberts has installed Panasonic box cameras, pan-tilt-zoom models, and IP cameras, estimated at 3,000 cameras in all.
Dallmeier has developed some very impressive dome and box cameras based on Pixim's new D2500 chipset," said Kai Leuze, Product Manager at Dallmeier Electronic.