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a simple camera shaped like a rectangular box

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In 1889, photographer George Eastman invented film that could be rolled, which made the mass-produced box camera a reality.
By shape, box cameras, bullet cameras, and dome cameras are witnessing more demand than others.
The DCS-3710/3112 box cameras offer greater lens flexibility, high resolution and flexible connectivity, making them suitable for businesses looking to upgrade their current surveillance solutions.
This was something that never happened in an age when few people in Thornaby even possessed box cameras.
Products being used include: the AG-3DA1 Camera Recorder, a sideby-side rig with two AK-HC1800 box cameras, six AV-HS450 Multi-format live switchers, P2 Mobile-Memory Card Portable Recorder/Player, BT-3DL2550 3D production monitors and BT-LH910 3D production monitors.
Sony's range of mini-dome and box cameras are equipped with 'Light Funnel Function' and ExWavePRO for high sensitivity and are also capable of 'Intelligent Motion Detection'.
Almost all of the box cameras can be hooked up to some form of CCU.
Box cameras feature an adjustable back focus that accepts standard CD- and C-mount lenses as well as standard top or bottom mount.
In its heyday, before it had become known for Berketex sweaters, it was a vital part of the city's shopping experience, a favourite with housewives who had been buying their prams, box cameras and tea sets from its catalogue for many years.
When revolution crumbled the dictatorial reign of Mexican President Porfirio Diaz in 1910, the country's pioneer photographers had their box cameras, bulb releases, and glass plates ready.
LOS ANGELES -- Arecont Vision, the industry leader in IP-based megapixel camera technology, has expanded its Compact MegaVideo([R]) line of box cameras from 10 models to 15, including a new 1.