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a simple camera shaped like a rectangular box

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The earliest box cameras used a variety of medium-format film standards, including 120, 135, 127, and 220.
Also on offer was the IR IP HD Box Camera, also boasting ONVIF, two megapixel versions, and a motorised zoom lens.
Marvelous Magnets, Candle Science, Little Giants, Planet in a Bottle, The Polyfloss Factory, Wind Turbines, NASA's Best Mars Rovers, Tin Box Camera, MadLab and Arabian Aromas.
Right, Nathan Wallace gives up his camera phone for a 1940s box camera helped by Ian Smith ?
RUTH Robson's interest in photography began when she was given a Brownie box camera in the late 40s.
But also a most unexpected and enigmatic piece of flotsam--an old box camera, encrusted with barnacles and amazing fantastical images held secret inside it--the treasures of a surreal sea world, with its steampunk fish, armchair-incumbent reading octopus and fishy lightbulbs.
It's a style used in the 1870s and requires a huge old wooden box camera, aluminium plates and cyanide in the developing process.
They asked the duke and duchess if they may take a photograph, using their old box camera, and the duke and duchess kindly gave their permission.
We were equipped with a K-10 camera which was a huge box camera that was excellent in taking aerial images.
The 131-year-old company, which popularized photography beginning with the Brownie box camera in 1900, is looking for a lucrative patent-infringement triumph this week over iPhone behemoth Apple Inc.
The solution can carry a standard ENG-style broadcast camera payload with typical ENG lenses or a standard box camera with a teleprompter.
They have been compensated at taxpayers' expense for loss of earnings and hurt feelings, and one of the horses has been kept on with the Arrive Alive team as cover for the horse box camera squad.
However, after being given a Brownie box camera as a gift, Lean became intrigued with visual media.