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a beam built up from boards


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ODOT used about 50 of the Willamette box beams to build a bicycle path on the south bank of the Willamette River, near the new bridge.
Robust Design of S-Shaped Box Beams Subjected to Compressive Load.
Kim, "A one-dimensional theory of thin-walled curved rectangular box beams under torsion and out--of-plane bending," International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, vol.
Why not just cut the original rafters flush with the wall as well, and do the box beam thing on the front similar to what was done on the gable ends?
In a side-by-side comparison of a MaineDOT project, a 33-inch (84-centimeter)-deep by 48-inch (122-centimeter)-wide precast concrete box beam weighed about 784 pounds per linear foot (1,167 kilograms per linear meter), while the same depth and width of hybrid composite beam weighed in at 250 pounds per linear foot (372 kilograms per linear meter) with concrete placed in the arch section.
Main picture, an artists' impression of Ty Unnos building; inset, Andy Stewart, from Coed Cymru, at work on the Welsh softwood box beams used in the system
Build-to-suit box beams can hide unsightly structural members or stand atone as an architectural design element after a room is finished, the company says.
We have committed to preserving the original entrance from the Trade Center to the E subway line; we will identify sections of the PATH platforms that cover Trade Center footprints with appropriate architectural treatment; we will preserve artifacts from the remnants of the Trade Center parking garage; and we will uncover the remnants of box beams at the base of the Trade Center site and provide access to victims' family members to view them.
Weak spots were also identified on the steel box beams which form part of the bridge into the Leigh Mills car park.
Their entry featured two LVL box beams supporting a 3-layered deck of 5/4-inch SYP.
Silhouetted against the poured concrete wall are skylit staircases with polished aluminium treads and lighted handrails that are contained within black steel box beams, forming shallow Xs as austere and assertive as anything by Donald Judd.
The decks are, in turn, supported by box beams bolted to four steel columns that rise through the cabin's corners.
Box beams, perhaps around the perimeter of the upper walls in a ceiling "tray," add new dimensions to a room and allow for built-in lighting effects.
Box beams are 80 percent stronger and I-beams are twice as strong, making twisting or bending nearly impossible.
the new deck comprises precast prestressed box beams (end spans) and w beams (central span) supported on elastomeric bearings.