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a beam built up from boards


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The researchers found that UHPC connections can be a resilient and innovative solution to prevent connection degradation in adjacent box beam superstructure systems, advancing the state of the practice in bridge construction.
Qin, "Vibration analysis of steel-concrete composite box beams considering shear lag and slip," Mathematical Problems in Engineering, vol.
ODOT used about 50 of the Willamette box beams to build a bicycle path on the south bank of the Willamette River, near the new bridge.
The two-lane bridge was 8.2 m (27 ft) wide and consisted of nine adjacent hollow-core box beams, 53.3 cm (21 in) deep by 91.4 cm (36 in) wide.
Why not just cut the original rafters flush with the wall as well, and do the box beam thing on the front similar to what was done on the gable ends?
AWARD winning, adaptable and easy to erect on simple foundations - these are the hallmarks of the Ty Unnos modular box beams that Coed Cymru has developed with the Welsh School of Architecture, Pontrillas Group Packaging and Kenton Jones Ltd.
He says box beams designed for this material can supply EI stiffness and strength values equal to those of steel and aluminum, at 59% and 15% weight savings, respectively.
Welsh timber is milled at BSW Sawmills, Newbridge on Wye, kiln-dried at Heartwood, Caersws and laminated into boards for box beams in Tregynon.
Jacket Enterprises announces its production of faux timber box beams. This manufactured, custom finished product is created to architectural specifications, primarily in character grade Douglas fir.
We have committed to preserving the original entrance from the Trade Center to the E subway line; we will identify sections of the PATH platforms that cover Trade Center footprints with appropriate architectural treatment; we will preserve artifacts from the remnants of the Trade Center parking garage; and we will uncover the remnants of box beams at the base of the Trade Center site and provide access to victims' family members to view them."
Weak spots were also identified on the steel box beams which form part of the bridge into the Leigh Mills car park.
Their entry featured two LVL box beams supporting a 3-layered deck of 5/4-inch SYP.
Silhouetted against the poured concrete wall are skylit staircases with polished aluminium treads and lighted handrails that are contained within black steel box beams, forming shallow Xs as austere and assertive as anything by Donald Judd.
The decks are, in turn, supported by box beams bolted to four steel columns that rise through the cabin's corners.