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a beam built up from boards


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Precast, prestressed concrete adjacent box beams are widely used in short- and medium-span bridges in the United States.
Liu, "Closed-form solution for shear lag effects of steel-concrete composite box beams considering shear deformation and slip," Journal of Central South University, vol.
This is particularly important for adjacent box-beam bridges, which are subject to local and global damage in the box beams, as well as global damage in the transverse load transfer mechanism (i.e., shear key).
The overhangs on the gable ends were cut off, rigid insulation added to the top (Photo 6) and then the overhangs rebuilt as box beams (Photo 7).
Ultimate longitudinal strength of large box beam, Proceedings of the Romanian Symposium of Fracture Mechanics, ISSN 145365-36, pp.
Then there is what appears to be a landscape placed summarily on the back of a wooden box beam: a hillock flanked by a workman's hut, dominated by a blue moon, also Untitled, 2007.
Its high strength-to-weight ratio, excellent corrosion and fatigue resistance, and its particular resistance to the tough abrasion action the metal encounters in that sector of the world are the key reasons Type 301 is specified for both the outer leading edges of the blades and the box beam doubler or backup support.
Key aspects of performance such as low noise operation, reliability and efficiency are based on the design of the robust, welded box beam frame which supports the main rotating assembly.
The telehandler is equipped with a lightweight, rigid-mounted three-stage boom constructed with a modified box beam section which I-R said maximizes flex-free performance and resistance under load.
Because the box beam transfers loads to supports located outside the silo, the unloader can accommodate different heights of material.
Five alternates were pro posed by four consultants: two post tensioned concrete segmental box beam bridges, a steel deck truss, a continuous composite steel plate girder load factor design, and AEC-JSE's concrete post tensioned segmental I beam.
37), using polyurethane resins, can achieve a similar box beam concept in a one-piece construction.
Much research has been conducted about the spatial mechanical behavior of curved box girder utilizing one-dimensional (denoted by 1D hereafter) curved box beam element.
The vibrations of the box beam were further analyzed and a non-structural mass with a weight of 500 Kg was added at the coordinates (a, L, -h/2), as shown in Figure 20(a) (Case A).
In a side-by-side comparison of a MaineDOT project, a 33-inch (84-centimeter)-deep by 48-inch (122-centimeter)-wide precast concrete box beam weighed about 784 pounds per linear foot (1,167 kilograms per linear meter), while the same depth and width of hybrid composite beam weighed in at 250 pounds per linear foot (372 kilograms per linear meter) with concrete placed in the arch section.