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a man's tie that ties in a bow

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The Bowtie team has distinguished themselves with cutting edge technology and rapid innovation and will be retained in the acquisition.
The contest coincides with the running of the 145th annual Kentucky Derby, at which donning the finest hats and bowties is a tradition.
By using the bowtie method to create this holistic view, organizations ensure they understand the potential impacts of various disruptions, are taking steps to mitigate the possibilities of disasters, and have prepared their responses should disasters strike.
Why a Bowtie? Wearing a bowtie is a powerful statement!
The 'Quincy Orange' bowtie is a great occasion piece, while the textured detailing of the 'Jacob Blue' tie also makes a statement.
2(a), and a single bowtie antenna without ring and bowtie antenna designed for a wavelength of 850 nm are also compared.
We particularly love the Binakol bowties that add a hip, nationalistic touch to any guy's outfit--and guess what?
Osa was a playwright, actor, story-teller and dancer who was a familiar and popular figure about own, always attracting attention whether he wore traditional robes, colourful tunics, his trademark cap or a suit with bowtie.
then we call the subgraph G[V([Q.sub.1] [union] [Q.sub.2])] a bowtie of G and the common vertex z is the center of the bowtie.
white pique vest and bowtie, according to a statement from Ralph Lauren.
Clad in a maroon jacket and bowtie, Bacon made his way to the stage with his colorful dancing entourage.
In this paper, a dual-polarized crossed bowtie dipole array is presented.
Mary Cotter, a LaGuardia Community College (N.Y.) veterinary technology instructor and rabbit expert, has paired up with Amy Sedaris, comedian and bunny lover, in 49 online videos on how to care for your pet rabbit The videos were produced by Howcast, an online media company that streams instructional videos on a panoply of topics ranging from how to bake a pie to how to tie a bowtie to how to take portraits.
The experimental study shows that the proposed ultra-fast approach can accurately find matching of millions of reads against human genome within few seconds and it is an order of magnitude faster than Burrows-Wheeler Transform (BWT) based methods such as BowTie and Burrows-Wheeler Aligner (BWA) for a wide range of read length.