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the string of an archer's bow

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Bowstrings should be waxed periodically, but be careful not to overdo it.
Remnants of original bowstring trusses are incorporated into the new building.
During the battle of Crecy, according to Froissart, `When the Genoese felt the arrows piercing through their heads, arms, and breasts, many of them cast down their crossbows, and cut their strings, and resumed discomfited.'(7) Bottom's `hold' may be taken in a military sense as `hold a military position' (OED vb 6.d), and `cut bowstrings' is a metonymy for `give up and retreat'.
Cam-operated bows are most accurate when used with mechanical bowstring releases.
Soon a string-making machine that Gail devised solved the common stretching and unraveling problems that 'plagued bowstrings of that era.
Until three years ago, all modern bowstrings were made of multiple Dacron [TM] strands.
The Xplorer SS is geared up with a string and two cables made with BCY 8190 Lightning Bowstrings, which are advertised to reduce peep rotation through their bundle-building process.
Suitable for all types of bowstrings and cables, it's based on 100% natural beeswax developed and tested in Germany by bowstring experts.
In times past, all bowstrings were made of multiple Dacron strands.
XS cams are outfitted with BCY 8190 Lightning Bowstrings.
Overdraw arrow-rest attachments were popular last year, and we saw the first "cableless cable" bows with lighter, faster synthetic cable systems and bowstrings. Strangely enough, this trend went hand-in-hand with higher-letoff wheels and cams, which makes shooting easier but somewhat slows a bow down.
The Carbon Air measures 32 inches between the axles, has a 6 1/8-inch brace height and features a FlexSlide 2 cable-containment system, Backstop 4 string suppressor, SHOCK MODZ limb dampers and America's Best Bowstrings Platinum string and cables.
Contact: Winner's Choice Custom Bowstrings, (541) 575-0818,
The crossbow comes with a stealth concealment package and Zebra Hybrid bowstrings.
So, no matter what color your arrows, vanes or bowstrings are, you now have the ability to customize your Lynx 4 just the way you like it.