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a spar projecting from the bow of a vessel

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Ogden, the supercargo, who was at the bowsprit, called to the men nearest to the bodies, to fasten them to the wreck; as a last horrible resource in case of being driven to extremity by famine!
The Canadian went to take his place again under the bowsprit.
The owner was dancing excitedly about and demanding an explanation, but by that time Big Alec's partner had crawled aft from the bowsprit and was peering apprehensively over the rail into the cockpit.
They turned the bowsprit towards Sardinia, where they intended to take in a cargo, which was to replace what had been discharged.
Many of them went forward, perching upon the headrails or running out upon the bowsprit, while others seated themselves upon the taffrail, or reclined at full length upon the boats.
Her bowsprit cocked up like an old-fashioned frigate's; her jib-boom had been fished and spliced and nailed and clamped beyond further repair; and as she hove herself forward, and sat down on her broad tail, she looked for all the world like a blowzy, frousy, bad old woman sneering at a decent girl.
Fine's a yacht forward, with yacht sterns to 'em, an' spike bowsprits, an' a haouse that u'd take our hold.
It was a noble gathering of the fairest and the swiftest, each bearing at the bow the carved emblem of her name, as in a gallery of plaster-casts, figures of women with mural crowns, women with flowing robes, with gold fillets on their hair or blue scarves round their waists, stretching out rounded arms as if to point the way; heads of men helmeted or bare; full lengths of warriors, of kings, of statesmen, of lords and princesses, all white from top to toe; with here and there a dusky turbaned figure, bedizened in many colours, of some Eastern sultan or hero, all inclined forward under the slant of mighty bowsprits as if eager to begin another run of 11,000 miles in their leaning attitudes.
But as soon as the conversation ceased, the grinning, ugly creatures arose in a flock and flew swiftly toward the strangers, their long arms stretched out before them like the bowsprits of a fleet of sail-boats.
Hamilton Lewis and smashed its bowsprit. The schooner was forced to stop.
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WITH UK politics in general, and Labour in particular, dashing itself to pieces on the bowsprit of Brexit, with the likes of Derek Hatton seeking to recling to the wreckage, it's reassuring to know that rebel causes go in cycles.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 19, 2018-OUE to Acquire Majority Stake in Healthcare Real Estate Investment Trust Manager Bowsprit
In between kayaking around estuaries, soaking in hidden hot springs, jumping off the bowsprit into B.C.'s ice-cold sea, and barbecuing pork loin over a sunset bonfire on a deserted beach, we zip around in the inflatable boats in search of bears.