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He also acknowledged that bowsing by Water Utilities Corporation was insufficient, adding that they were expecting more bowsers this financial year.
He said though the corporation resorted to bowsing, it was not enough since the corporation still could not meet the water demand for the area.
However, he commended Water Utilities Corporation for bowsing water to the hospital.
For his part, WUC chief executive officer Mr Mmetla Masire said they had been providing about 10 000 litres of water per week to Machana residents through bowsing since 2013.
WUC had been bowsing water to the village but the demand for water was so high that the village could go up to two days without drinking water.
Procuring services of water bowsing during emergency water crisis from the private sector.
However, he said for the past four months, WUC has not been able to supply water at all through its pipeline scheme, adding that as a temporary measure, they resorted to a bowsing truck.
Bowsing, he said, would not solve the situation permanently, therefore, he urged residents to patiently await completion of the north-south water carrier pipeline, which was expected to put to rest water shortage concerns in the Southern District.
The corporation, he said, has taken to water rationing and bowsing in response to the situation at hand.
Dr Venson Moitoi also noted that the re-introduction of services since 2015 included water bowsing, mobile health services, food rations, cash allowances and other supplies for destitutes, orphans and people living with disability, transportation of pupils and students who were attending school outside the game reserve at the end and beginning of school terms.
The church has also assisted in providing food, water storage tanks and bowsing of water to the aforementioned communities as well as providing ministering and theological training to prison inmates in Gaborone and other parts of Botswana, in addition to the donation of basic amenities.
'Water supply to the school had since recovered and WUC had halted bowsing,' said the assistant minister.