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building that contains a surface for ice skating or roller skating

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More than 600 people have signed a petition expressing concern that the new leisure and community centre, which is intended to replace the existing one, will not include a bowling rink.
"As part of these works the Pavilion has already benefited from a refurbished bowling rink and a brand new 70 station gym which offers state of the art fitness equipment.
They are to continue work through to the other end where the swimming pool and former diving pool were housed, along with the indoor bowling rink.
Councillor Ann Minshull, chairman of Flintshire County Council, will open the new pavilion, which now has an eight lane bowling alley, a new cafe and licensed bar, and an indoor flat green bowling rink.
``Two years ago we added a crown green bowling rink to the facilities,'' added Coun Wynne.
The bowling rink in the old centre buzzed with life day after day, with social bowlers as well as the fierce competitors picking up their woods.
It would include a bowling rink and changing facilities, and also possibly a viewing balcony for the rugby pitch.
Or maybe if a new 24 hour indoor bowling facility can be added as promised it can be sponsored as the Aldi (all day!) bowling rink.
Hundreds of bowlers who use the current facilities at the existing Sports Centre have been told there will be no bowling rink in the new centre.
AS a recent convert to crown green bowling I was very pleased to discover that there is an indoor bowling rink in Huddersfield where I could continue bowling in the closed season.
THE fight to get a bowling rink in Huddersfield's new leisure centre is over.
Compare this to an indoor bowling rink which requires very little maintenance and can be and has been managed by the bowlers themselves.
But there are fears that the new sports centre, currently under construction, left, might not include an indoor bowling rink 290414ESPORTS_01 JULIAN HUGHES
Huddersfield Sports Centre's indoor bowling rink is out of action for the next three weeks after officials hired out the facilities to the University of Huddersfield.
"We have this great indoor bowling rink and are always looking for more bowlers to enjoy it.