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a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling

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The simple wooden tables with five bowling pins of the mid-'70s have transmogrified into much more challenging three-tiered steel tables with "hostage pins" mixed into the array.
Caption: With bowling pins, there is no scoring committee, no chrono stage, no arguments over major or minor.
(1) A boot kicks a bowling ball, (2) which knocks over a bowling pin. (3) The falling pin pulls a rope to open a birdcage.
Once I began loading in volume, I was loading for IPSC and bowling pins, and my go-to powders were WW-231 and AA 452.
Shaped like a bowling pin. Measures 13 inches tall; weighs 12 pounds.
The Gun Shop in Leesburg, Fla., is a fun place decorated with eclectic antiques, and attached indoor ranges, which host everything from slightly formalized plinking --the Backyard Match with .22 rifles and handguns--to bowling pin shoots and IDPA matches.
A company called Box Play for Kids LLC ( has made turning boxes into objects of delight a whole lot easier with a line of 100% recycled stickers that can transform a milk carton into a pig, fire truck, cow or train ($8/sticker); a tube into a baseball bat, horn, dog or bowling pin ($4-$5/sticker); an egg carton into a piano or caterpillar ($5/sticker), a cereal box into a record player ($6/sticker) and much more.
Your head is a bowling pin left on the train, suddenly unsure of
The day after, on July 13, 2009 a crane that was removing the debris collapsed, and with a bowling pin effect collapsed two other nearby cranes, injuring six.
Available in plain white or blue and white, it is shaped like bowling pin - ideal if you have the skittles.
Anderson entrances the critics with countless references to film-school staples such as "Citizen Kane." For example, Day-Lewis's mid-Atlantic accent is lifted from John Huston's villainous tycoon in "Chinatown," which in turn points to Huston's classic about greedy prospectors, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre." The ominous, annoying orchestral score by Radiohead guitarist Johnny Greenwood is nearly identical to Gyorgy Ligeti's buzzing insect music used by Stanley Kubrick in "2001." Indeed, by the (perhaps intentionally) comic conclusion, the oilman has devolved into "2001's" ape-man, clubbing his rival's head in, although with a bowling pin rather than a bone.
So, recycle that bowling pin from a birthday party or a damaged one from your local bowling alley, and transform it into a creative character.
Later, as they famously chronicled in song, they were "busted down on Bourbon Street/set up like a bowling pin."
Finally, the Ultimate Belt Hanger ($1.49), shaped somewhat like a bowling Pin, has two vertical rows of five hooks each, to sort and separate 10 belts.
The space probe passed within 1,400 miles (2,200 km) of the 6-mile- (10 km-) long Borrelly -- which scientists said is shaped like a massive, cratered bowling pin fashioned out of icy charcoal.