bowling pin

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a club-shaped wooden object used in bowling

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In Pin Shoots, the bowling pin must be moved off the table and the load needs the oomph to do so even with a marginal hit.
1) A boot kicks a bowling ball, (2) which knocks over a bowling pin.
Once I began loading in volume, I was loading for IPSC and bowling pins, and my go-to powders were WW-231 and AA 452.
Indeed, by the (perhaps intentionally) comic conclusion, the oilman has devolved into "2001's" ape-man, clubbing his rival's head in, although with a bowling pin rather than a bone.
So, recycle that bowling pin from a birthday party or a damaged one from your local bowling alley, and transform it into a creative character.
Later, as they famously chronicled in song, they were "busted down on Bourbon Street/set up like a bowling pin.
49), shaped somewhat like a bowling Pin, has two vertical rows of five hooks each, to sort and separate 10 belts.
The space probe passed within 1,400 miles (2,200 km) of the 6-mile- (10 km-) long Borrelly -- which scientists said is shaped like a massive, cratered bowling pin fashioned out of icy charcoal.
Lockheed Martin's flying wedge design beat out a proposal by McDonnell Douglas that looked like a winged bowling pin, and one by Rockwell that looked an awful lot like (perhaps no surprise here) the shuttle.
And this summer, all centers were equipped with "DZ Games"--screaming contests, human bowling pin matches, and "brain toss" (where kids pitch neon-colored, foam "brains").
By scoring big wins in these segments, a new technology builds momentum and reputation: "Each niche is like a bowling pin, something that can be knocked over in itself but can also help knock over one or more additional pins.
Products include fire hydrant seals, exercise equipment rollers, and bowling pin setter pads and liners.
It's my old bowling pin gun, and I hadn't fired it in wa-a-a-y too long.
At NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, Lance Benner and his colleagues disclosed the size of the Asteroid HQ124 which is at least 1,200 feet wide with a figure bearing a resemblance to a bowling pin or chicken drumstick.
32s just a month after our gun club, Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club/Olympia, WA, held its annual Bowling Pin Match.