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a town in southern Kentucky

a field of closely mowed turf for playing bowls

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As well as keeping young people off the streets, bowls is a popular sport and it would be appreciated if there was any way the council could bring these bowling greens back.
The number of council-run bowling greens will be cut from 13 to seven under draft budget plans, with Howard Gardens, Pentwyn, Llwynfedw Gardens, Maindy and Trelai all earmarked for closure.
But members of the St Joseph's Sports and Social Club bowling group say they plan to meet with sports and leisure cabinet member Councillor Huw Thomas in a bid to keep Maindy bowling green open.
Mr Robinson has more to add on bowling greens in general.
The bowling green belonged to the Conservative Club, which stood slightly back from the (Woodhead) road and, as I remember, had a number of wide steps at its front.
A council leisure department spokesman said there was no funding available to renovate the bowling greens.
He said: 'The council has 12 bowling greens and would like to improve the facilities, but there is not enough demand to make it a budget priority.
During our last meeting members noted with regret the proposed closure of the bowling green at Grange Gardens.
We also have the same concerns as your reader, Tony Crane of Whitchurch (You Say, February 9), that closing the bowling green will encourage vandalism.
tracks to future Work starts on the new bowling green at Hanging Heaton
He added: "They are very good bowling greens and well used, but they are overlooked by the flyover so it isn't the best or the healthiest place to be playing bowls.
Lastly, this is the only municipal bowling green in north Cardiff and any closure of the bowling green would soon be followed by vandalism.
vandalised The top bowling green at Ravensknowle Park, a victim of vandals
Of the various tasks we undertake, the job that is my personal favourite is maintenance of bowling greens.
Research Drive, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403 The EDGE Participation Goal for the Project is 5%.
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