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It is up to manufacturers to determine whether these non-purchasers can be convinced of the positive tangible and intangible benefits of owning their own bowling equipment, whatever those may be.
In 1988, Baker and his investors forged a partnership with a company called Dacos, an established distributor of bowling equipment and accessories that was based in Europe and Korea.
It's taken me to a level where I'm one of the top names in the sport, and working with Greengauge Sports (along with Corsie) I make a living selling bowling equipment.
Last week, the store which housed our tables, chairs, lockers and some other bowling equipment was set on fire and everything was totally destroyed.
who contacted us to say she found adaptive bowling equipment from the Abilitations catalog.
Their haul included pounds 220 cash for her holiday and her husband's bowling equipment.
Before he arrived, the company was best-known for market-dominant but uninspired stalwarts like Sea Ray and Bayliner pleasure boats, Mercury boat engines, Zebco fishing rods, and Brunswick bowling equipment.
When Ken and Yuki Ogawa began exporting bowling equipment to Korea, it was a small part of their wholesale business, and it barely affected their cash flow.
one of the world's leading producers of bowling equipment and supplies.
The report also includes industry definition, 5-year historical trends on industry sales, establishments and employment, a breakdown of establishments, sales and employment by employee size of establishment (9 categories), and estimates on up to 10 sub-industries, including golfing, fishing, hunting, baseball, winter sports, water sports, and bowling equipment.
Switch Middle East, the best-known name in Italian industrial design, exclusive sports and entertainment concepts and bowling equipment, has revealed that it expects the Middle East to achieve a 50 per cent growth in the number of recreational bowling centres by 2012, as the region continues to witness widespread development of family entertainment centres, theme parks and other lifestyle and recreation projects.
The money has also been used to fund new bowling equipment to help the league's youngest players take part in matches more easily.
These days, 35-year-old Richard runs a bowling stadium in Edinburgh and a company which distributes bowling equipment.
Police urge anyone who knows what might have happened to the haul, or who has been offered cheap bowling equipment, to ring PC Neal Hurst on 024 7653 9020.
Stanard is president and chief executive of Richmond, VA-based AMF Bowling, a $714 million bowling center operator and manufacturer of bowling equipment,