bowling ball

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a large ball with finger holes used in the sport of bowling

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Whether it is the matter of buying a bowling ball or bowling shoes for women, it is essential to go through the reviews, top 10 lists, and buying guides.
As security guards tried to break it up, a chair was thrown at them and then someone heaved a bowling ball at the victim.
From scented bowling balls to lung cancer diagnostic tools, here's four companies you probably don't know about.
Since bowling balls are relatively small (8 1/2 inches in diameter), he realized that he could miniaturize the popular Poncet Platform and set the ball on one.
One witness said the car was "like a 10-pin bowling ball - there were bodies flying everywhere".
Earlier in the season, Melvin Lising also rolled 300 and like Bacero was awarded the perfect-game Hi-performance bowling ball. The FEDBG ABF 2013 concludes with the finals this Friday.
Set in a stone chambre de bonne with peeling wallpaper and warping floorboards--a red Oriental carpet and a tossed-aside liquor bottle serve as lifestyle indicators--the animation shows the stuporous protagonist vacantly performing his everyday "leisure time." In a sequence about one minute long, the rat lumbers home at night, trips on his rug, and dislodges a precariously placed bowling ball from his desk, predictably conking himself on the head.
The Egyptian victim, 36, told police that he was lured to a house in Zayed Town where he was allegedly kicked, punched and hit with a bowling ball so violently that he now suffers a permanent disability.
On its website, G-Form has a video of a bowling ball being dropped on an Extreme Sleeve-clad iPad.
As the lead bowling ball designer at Ebonite International Inc., the Purdue University mechanical engineering graduate bowls 40 hours a month, works with two teams of people across several states, travels globally to share his rare expertise, and gets the opportunity to rub elbows with celebrities such as "Sugar" Shane Mosley and Swizz Beatz, who want him to design customized bowling balls.
Previously, the company had thrown an iPad from 500 feet, and dropped a bowling ball on one, but the current test, choreographed using altimeters, is wince-inducing to watch, the Daily Mail reported.
He came up with a clamshell design strong enough to pick up a bowling ball, had it made by a Fort Collins contract manufacturer, and started selling it in 2007.
Weapons including bottles, baseball bats and air guns have been brought into surgeries while a bowling ball was used in one attack.
"Yesterday I paid that boy Jimmy from down the street to stand next to my garbage cans and roll Three's old bowling ball across the backyard so I could shoot at it from the roof of the garage," I said.
Crusaders back row Aussie Jason Chan, 26, who hails from Brisbane, even took along his own bowling ball to show team mates they could expect a tough game.