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Synonyms for bowling alley

a building that contains several alleys for bowling

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a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins

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Khawaja Ahmed sought government support and especially of IPC Minister Dr Fahmida Mirza regarding constructing new bowling alleys. 'If we are provided with land, we can construct our own bowling clubs, where talented players will be provided free training and coaching.
And the Manchester city centre leisure complex is also set to welcome a new bowling alley and family entertainment centre.
Included in the directory are bowling alleys, pro shops, bowling tournaments, bowling associations, high school bowling teams and college bowling teams.
This place is very cool and gives off the air of a real, authentic American ten pin bowling alley. There are eight bowling alleys, five karaoke rooms and a diner.
A bowling alley in Sunderland is one of six sites that has closed following the administration of national chain MFA Bowl.
A NEW bowling alley is set to open in The Cube this summer.
A NEW upmarket bowling alley will open in The Cube this summer.
LIVERPOOL is set for a battle of the bowling alleys, as a SECOND firm has announced plans for a late-night city centre venue.
Liverpool is set for a battle of the bowling alleys as a SECOND firm has announced plans for a late-night city centre venue.
Bowling alleys are a dream for families and businesses.
If you notice any bowling alleys we've missed then let us know by tweeting @DoNorthWales or posting our Facebook page .
The roof design, along with the heavily wood-laden structure and the lacquers and other flammable materials generally stored inside bowling alleys, made for a dangerous environment, officials said.
TENPIN bowling alleys are enjoying a revival after years of dwindling popularity.
In fact, tenpin bowling alleys have been with us for more than 50 years with the first one opening at Stamford Hill, North London back in 1960.