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a building that contains several alleys for bowling

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a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins

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Harlem residents will soon be flocking to a gleaming new bowling alley, thanks to the vision of two local investor's and the commercial real estate firm of GVA Williams.
The Riverside Bowl 10- pin bowling alley celebrated its 40thanniversary at the end of 2003,but owner Ray McCadden is now planning to knock it down and make it bigger and better.
President Hirokazu Hasegawa will contribute 400 million yen from his personal assets to partially cover a loss of some 600 million yen from the liquidation of the bowling alleys in Beijing and Fuzhou, the Fukuoka-based company said.
While the bowling alleys of former European Leisure are now integrated, the group is still negotiating to complete a separate pounds 111 million acquisition - of First Leisure's bowling alleys and the Tamworth Snow Dome.
Combined sales at the nation's 984 bowling alleys dropped 9.
The record-breaking event coincides with the launch of Bowlmor AMF'S new national advertising initiative, " Bowling Makes Saturday Night More Fun" - the first national advertising campaign for a bowling alley brand since the 1970s.
Gray, who runs the Strikes R Us shop within the bowling alley, has been banned from entering bowling alleys across Scotland because of what he did, the court was told.
Largest Operator of Bowling Alleys in the World Introduces New Branding Campaign; First National Television Advertising for a Major Bowling Alley Brand Since the 1970's
Sylmar has no bowling alleys, not even a movie theater.
And now the nation's biggest chain of bowling alleys is striking out, another victim of economic and cultural changes that have whittled away at the traditional summertime haunts.
Even the lexicon has changed: The industry prefers bowling centers instead of bowling alleys.
the nation's biggest owner of bowling alleys and bowling equipment manufacturer, sources close to the negotiations said.
The roof design, along with the heavily wood-laden structure and the lacquers and other flammable materials generally stored inside bowling alleys, made for a dangerous environment, officials said.
st], 2014, Bowlmor AMF, the largest operator of bowling alleys in the world, threw the largest bowling party in American history.
TENPIN bowling alleys are enjoying a revival after years of dwindling popularity.