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a loop knot that neither slips nor jams


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All of this comes wrapped in a swathe of bowlines and acres of outside rigging for the sails.
Boelkow carries several bowlines, including PSE, Hoyt and G5.
Defending the abolition of teaching kids how to tie sheepshanks, bowlines, halfhitches and all those other useful knots, the Scout Association says the movement is "very different" from the days when its founder Robert Baden-Powell wrote a section in his book Scouting for Boys entitled "Saving Lives with Knots.
Bowlines are great for this task They can be tied with one hand and will hold steady when under tension.
One of the first things I learned in the film industry was how to tie a knot: bowlines, trucker's hitches, you name it.
An equal number was picked up by the cutter's crew, using everything from bowlines to fire hoses in the rescue.
Bowlines, Green, OH 43402; (419) 352-0967; e-mail: wchc.
They loosened cleats and let down sails; They pulled and hauled the bowlines in; Al vent guardent et as 40 They watched the wind and esteilles, watched the stars; Sulunc l'ure portent lur They carried sails to suit the veilles; tide.
Some had climbed, some had clambered and those who didn't know their bowlines from their belays just clammed up.