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a loop knot that neither slips nor jams


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The all-weather lifeboat managed to get a bowline attached and was able to tow the boat into deeper water.
Bogdanowicz III and Courtney Bowline have been promoted by the firm which has been lauded in numerous practice areas.
BOWLINE BULLET has put in a series of excellent performances over the past month or and could prove another local winner for Robert Thomson in the 8.
Now, if you know how to tie a simple bowline, an adjustable hangman's noose and an overhand bend "joiner" to mate two lines, you're set.
His poor attitudes and behaviors started early on, when as a Boy Scout he was the proverbial bad seed, the one who "led three other scouts to destroy the bowline knot that was tied to a self-made latrine post, forcing unsuspecting friends to fall into a pit of their own feces.
Well, I can see a bowline on the top and there's a clove hitch over on the side, but I'm surprised you're giving up a good piece of Dacron braid.
I can still tie a bowline, although I've never found a use for it.
Complete the system by clipping the line and float to the anchor line through pre-tied or spliced loops, or fasten it directly to the anchor line with a bowline knot.
Luckily we found him clinging to a bowline like a large crab, teeth chattering.
With some effort, Frank jerks the boat out of the pickup bed and skids it across the sand into the water, tying the bowline around a large rock.
He loops the other end and fashions a bowline to secure it, a knot he's learned at Boy Scout camp.
She had come out here to find herself, but here was everything she'd left behind, like a fence hemming her in or a bowline tying her to a dock.
Kolff is a managing partner at London-based investment and business advisory boutique Bowline Capital Partners, while Kawkabani has a previous stint as chief investment officer of MENA equity investments at Franklin Templeton.
and often a bowline loop, a clove hitch and a few more you remember from some youth organisation or a hobby you once had.
Experts said he had probably used a bowline knot rather than a figure of eight, which was more likely to slip unless a stopper knot was tied, the inquest heard.