bowler hat

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a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim

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Loch Leven in Scotland is renowned for its trout and in the 18th century, Leven trout were transported to lakes in distant climes - though I doubt if the bowler hat was the mode of transport.
and you can guess the rest I had a nice old time with a councillor Intelligent and wise Patent shoes, umbrella and bowler hat A sight for my glad eyes He took me to a fancy council ball And on Sunday to the zoo But I didn't reckon one surprise He brought his mother too by Rose Touhey, Runcorn
When Bradley Wiggins was told he'd soon be Sir Bradley his first thought was, "I'd better buy myself a bowler hat.
LOOKING surprisingly fit for his 47 years in black biking gear and a bowler hat, Aamir Khan took to the streets of Chicago on a sexy BMW K 1200 R superbike to kickstart the first shooting schedule of his upcoming biggie, Dhoom 3 .
The booklet contains a picture of a workshop and there is not a bowler hat in sight.
London, Dec 12 (ANI): Charlie Chaplin's bowler hat from his silent film 'The Tramp' is to be auctioned in New York.
They were shaped like a bowler hat and had gold inside.
The event is a 'business take' on the popular Trilby Tour golf challenge, which recently held its first event in the region at Rockcliffe Hall, with all participants being provided with a bowler hat in which to play their round.
In the new ad, a man in a bowler hat and vested suit is walking around carrying a 35-foot red umbrella, helping people in distress that he encounters along the way.
But just as he's about to unveil the machine, a villain with a robotic bowler hat appears to sabotage him.
He has come up with a new device that lets you search your memories, which attracts the interest of a strange boy named Wilbur Robinson and an even stranger villain, known only as Bowler Hat Guy.
Dressed in a bowler hat and vest for the waltz, Curran gestures like a rabbi or cantor, with a hint of davening (swaying in prayer), to Monk's song in memory of her Russian Jewish grandfather.
But those suspicious-minded boys in both peaked cap and bowler hat won't swallow that in Ulster's rural loyal halls.
But the street's name instantly conjures up an image: of a man (few top British officials are women) in a pin-striped suit complete with bowler hat and sandwiches to munch for lunch in St.