bowler hat

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a felt hat that is round and hard with a narrow brim

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For George his bowler hat was part of the day's tradition and he wasn't impressed when one year the powers-that-be decided that berets would be the order of the day.
Loch Leven in Scotland is renowned for its trout and in the 18th century, Leven trout were transported to lakes in distant climes - though I doubt if the bowler hat was the mode of transport.
My particular favourite is these bowler hat pendants.
When Bradley Wiggins was told he'd soon be Sir Bradley his first thought was, "I'd better buy myself a bowler hat.
LOOKING surprisingly fit for his 47 years in black biking gear and a bowler hat, Aamir Khan took to the streets of Chicago on a sexy BMW K 1200 R superbike to kickstart the first shooting schedule of his upcoming biggie, Dhoom 3 .
The booklet contains a picture of a workshop and there is not a bowler hat in sight.
London, Dec 12 (ANI): Charlie Chaplin's bowler hat from his silent film 'The Tramp' is to be auctioned in New York.
Plus your travel questions answered Homes 12&13 How to create a hotbed of autumn colour in your garden 14&15 Throw a Halloween party for less with our monster DIY ideas 16 Bowler hat lampshades and corner sinks in our Tricks of the Trade 17 How an art deco flat has been lovingly restored to its original glory 18 Save thousands on a new kitchen by reusing your old units
The event is a 'business take' on the popular Trilby Tour golf challenge, which recently held its first event in the region at Rockcliffe Hall, with all participants being provided with a bowler hat in which to play their round.
The four-year-old, adopted from a Malawian orphanage, topped off the pink tutu with a military jacket and a white bowler hat as she headed for a New York birthday party.
In the new ad, a man in a bowler hat and vested suit is walking around carrying a 35-foot red umbrella, helping people in distress that he encounters along the way.
Arriving in the Future * Meeting Carl * Bowler Hat Guy's Redemption -- Keep Moving Forward: Inventions that Shaped the World - Meet real life inventors and visionary thinkers (including Walt Disney, himself) who changed the world and our lives forever.
But just as he's about to unveil the machine, a villain with a robotic bowler hat appears to sabotage him.
He has come up with a new device that lets you search your memories, which attracts the interest of a strange boy named Wilbur Robinson and an even stranger villain, known only as Bowler Hat Guy.